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Guess I'll be adding The Long Dark of games to play now that it's coming to Early Access on September 22nd.

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Was anyone able to beat the original prototype with all characters surviving? That shit was rough going.

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@eder: I just don't find the platforming that fun in Sonic games. Maybe it's Sonic's slow arse acceleration speed. I enjoyed them as a kid but not so much now and just because other games have waiting in them, doesn't make that good design. Just imagine how much more waiting the 50hz version is :P

Back on topic, Playstation Now is a good deal

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@eder: I'm really not, if anything, I very rarely agree with Jeff's opinions. Go back and play the first sonic game. It really doesn't play well, especially the PAL version, it's all swimmy and slow. The way the first level works also fools you into thinking, gotta go fast, because the second level just has a bunch of waiting.

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All the pieces are falling into place for my multiplayer get together. This and Lethal League are both out next week (in a fashion), Mount Your Friends is sure to be a hit and both Crawl and SpeedRunners look super fun.

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@wonderva: I've been hearing so much about this ice bucket challenge but I didn't hear about him dying. Some people are really against this (a lot of complaints about wasted water) but it's something that's really raised the awareness of ALS and how much has been donated.

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The edits I made all related to the Warframes section. I changed the profile pictures for each Warframe, changed the icons of the powers to 40 x 40 as someone else added ones that were 60 x 60 and it just looked inconsistent and messy and cleaned up some of the text. Not a great deal but just making the page more presentable. The time spent doing it and only get 1 point is the frustrating thing rather than the work involved. My edit for Mirage went through perfectly fine though. You can see the edit history here.

What was the reason for this to happen though? When I submitted, I just had the saving screen for awhile and then it failed but the next edit went through fine and quickly then the next edit failed. Is it due to a lot of changes at once?