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In an ideal scenario I'd take some couch co-op but not many of my friends play games these days and those that do live far away or if we get together, we make plans to do something that doesn't involve games like cooking or just chilling, drinking beers and chatting.

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I voted yes because GB has turned into a site of minimal effort. Gone are the days where we'd have video reviews and the like instead they just produce videos that are often over an hour long and require very little amounts of editing.

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Tickets sold out crazy fast which I will expect to see sold on eBay for full price. I'm a virgin media customer but didn't check until this morning and none were left. I was only able to get a full price early access ticket for Sunday.

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That mobo is a nogo

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I played like 12-13 years ago with a small group of friends but it was very short lived and the cards were hard to come by and thus expensive. Tbf this was before the tv show even properly aired here in the UK. Hearthstone reminds me a lot of it though but in social circles, I'm all about that CAH.

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I'll put DR3s success more down to being a launch title than being exclusive and people needing to justify their new purchase. RE is a much bigger title than DR so I can't see it being exclusive but maybe timed. RE4 was "exclusive" to the GameCube and how many ports has that had at this point?

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I won't be playing it as I don't have a next gen system nor access to my PS3 but it's £25 here in the UK for the PS4 version (and that's regardless of whether you buy it on disc or digitally) and I don't get how people are totally accepting of that price point for a game, even with multiple playthroughs is still only a few hours long. Case Zero was exactly this and it was $5 and it was awesome because of its price point, length and what it gave you. I do have to wonder if this wasn't an MGS game, would people be so accepting? Let's create a scenario here where DR3 was coming out at the end of this year but for the launch of the XB1, we have a small area you can play in, you can see the new tech that's going to be in DR3 but it's the same price as Ground Zeroes. People would probably shit all over that game because despite Capcom's smart move to release Case Zero for $5, they've been extremely shitty when it comes to DLC that's on the disc, overpriced etc. Kojima himself said that Phantom Pain will be 200 times the size of GZ so where's the value here? It even barely contains much story at all so it's not much of a prologue either.

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only one forum thread? Damn. I got to see this game at EGX last year and it looked awesome. I didn't get to play it though as I was in line for Hotline Miami 2 right next to it.

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Max Payne is the only game from R* that's actually been good on PC though. GTA IV and L.A Noire both had issues with frame rates and bugs that didn't exist on the console versions, not that L.A Noire ran that great on consoles either.

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I like to but it's only for consoles right?