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I'm currently making changes to the Warframe wiki but on submission, I get an error message saying that it failed but my changes are reflected on the site but I'm barely receiving any points for the changes I made. I spent a few hours editing several images together to change the ones already in the wiki as they're old and quite boring as well as adding new ones and all I got for that edit was 5 points. I then changed a bunch of icons for better consistency within the wiki, fixed some spelling mistakes and cleaned up other parts so it'd look better and I got 1 stinking point.

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Updated the main post to reflect new changes and updates coming after announcements from Tenno Live 2014.

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Damn, I should've refreshed the forums. I just made a huge update to the updates thread :P

I started it last night but my internet crapped out (thanks Virgin Media) so I had to wait until this morning to finish what I started.

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After Brad mentioning that he wanted to play Gunstar Heroes, they should've actually played some Gunstar Heroes. It's on Steam for a few bucks and the download would've been super quick. I'd much rather see them play something like that than 100% Orange Juice or Continue?9876543210. There were some good picks but not nearly enough to make it that interesting outside of a live show. The chat thinks it's being cute with awful game suggestions but at the end of the day, we only get bad content out of it as Jeff was quick to move on in a lot of cases. It was also a shame that Jeff was the only one playing games rather than the usual mix.

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@hailinel: PAX doesn't really interest me in that regard. I'd much rather just go to the panels and meet some duders and hang out. There are other events that seem better suited if you're just looking to get an early hands on.

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What is with Ubisoft and those rooms? I've never been to PAX but they had one at EGX last year and I just didn't see the point of lining up to essentially see a video of Watch_Dogs.

As for PAX (and gaming expos in general), get a belt clip for your hand sanitizer. It's just super helpful so you can just leave it there without having to keep reaching into your pockets. Also make sure your sanitizer has moisturisers in it just so your hands don't end up drying out and cracking. Maybe also bring some kind of hand wipes and use it on the game controller before use in addition to your sanitizer.

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@rapid: I was just wondering because this is super easy. Normally when DE do an event, there are usually 3 tiers. The 100 feels like such a low amount. I was able to get it in just a few runs.

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Is there any point to continuing the Avalanche Offensive once you've killed 100 enemies? I haven't seen anything that says there is a bonus or reward other than the 3 days of affinity.

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Be sure to check out the Giant Bomb PS4 clan if you're looking to play with other GB members.

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@loomies said:

Ugh kojima is going to mess up this game. Phil is right'

Phil Fish came back and the internet didn't explode <_< >_>