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Damn, that's super hot even for idle. Doesn't leave much overhead. Idle for my CPU is around 30-33 C while my GPU is currently 29 C.

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Already good to go this year and signed up early. I haven't participated in a couple of years but I now have a much better computer so I'm able to stream out and play and my internet is also a lot faster now that my upload speed is around 12 Mbps. I haven't decided on what I'll do yet but it can't go as poorly as my attempt in 2011 where I tried to play a BF game and the streaming framerate was 1fps although the game ran fine :/

For now, here's my donation page as well as my Twitch channel where I'll be streaming from even though I don't really use it any other time. Expect both to be updated more in the not too distant future.

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@raven10: So what's the excuse for price hikes on Origin? EA aren't losing 30% to Valve as they no longer release new titles on Steam yet they still charge £49.99.

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If you avoid Beats and Skullcandy, you'll probably be fine.

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PS3 downloadable titles are an absolute con with Ubisoft and EA often charging £50 or more for new releases. On the PC side of things, AC:U is £49.99 as is FC4. EA also charge the same price for new releases on Origin. It does seem that these prices are pretty much the norm when dealing with AAA games from these publishers and which is why we see games such as DayZ, Divinity and The Forest thrive while Watch_Dogs currently sits at #62 on the top sellers list.

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I'm super surprised by Justin being let go. He's been with GS for 14 years. Hopefully with so much experience, he'll be able to find another job soon. Same with the other people that have been affected.

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The Mario Party Party was great because everyone was having such a horrible time with it and it was pretty obvious that Dan was going to win (he was the only one who cared) but the Fortune Street TNT is pretty classic GB, at least from what I remember.

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@mrsmiley: I saw this same complaint made recently on the Steam page for The Gods Will Be Watching where the OP said they wouldn't buy the game if it was less than 4 hours and this was a huge complaint against Journey 2 years ago and Gone Home last year. If a game is 2 hours but costs the same as a movie, what's the difference? I'd gladly pay for something that was new and inventive but succeeded at it just like Journey and Gone Home did (for me anyway).

EDIT: Just checked the Steam page and saw people complaining that the game is 5x the price of the original despite all the new work that's gone into it. Palm meet face.

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@rapid: @noizy: So it does seem like there are some issues going on then. I defo think the last hotfix has something to do with it. When U14 came out, there was the issue where you'd accept a mission and it'd get stuck looking for players to join.

I do need to look more into the Dark Sectors stuff though. It was introduced when I was taking time away from the game.

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Has anyone had issues with crashing since U14? Yesterday the game crashed on me twice in short succession and today after 2 host migrations then just crapped out. I don't know if this is my PC or not as I built it myself and I have no idea what I'm doing but I've had very few issues and only with Warframe. The game also comes to a complete halt for me too when I level up.