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177087 Shaolin Game Overview Due to a lack of U.S version and late release in the PSX's life, the game never received the recognition it deserved. It was a unique and original fighting game, thanks largely to its story mode and 8 player multitap support. While it may not stand out as a hidden gem, it's an oddity that deserves to be remembered. 05/25/15 07:50PM 10 Approved
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94815 New Game Game Overview Sequel to Assassin's Creed 4 03/21/14 08:59AM 10 Denied
42555 Divekick Game Overview Updated release date 07/12/13 07:03PM 16 Approved
24366 Snipetron Thing Overview Stats, description and more can be added to provide more in-depth information 04/21/13 04:48PM 10 Approved
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24364 Hek Thing Overview For more detail to be added outside of main Warframe wiki 04/21/13 04:37PM 10 Approved
24363 Gorgon Rifle Thing Overview To add more detail not suitable for the main wiki page 04/21/13 04:31PM 10 Approved
24138 Boltor Thing Overview To add more detail about the weapon, especially as Warframe is updated over time and reduce clutter in the main game wiki. 04/20/13 02:14PM 5 Approved
23930 MK1 Thing Overview 04/19/13 07:01PM 1 Approved
23929 MK1 Thing Overview Added description to each weapon and updated stats to fall in line with in game updates. 04/19/13 07:00PM 60 Approved
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