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Happy trails, Patrick. I look forward to your future projects!

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Thanks for the information.  I'll be picking this up tonight, still a little leery about what I'm getting into.   But I did play FFXI for about 2 years from when it launched, so I have an itch to jump back into a similar game.

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I played an unhealthy amount of Castlevania: HD, over 30 hours across all the characters.   I bought this right away to jump back into co-op with a friend, and I was sorely disappointed.  5 bones for ONE level, and it doesn't even seem to have any new loot!       The stage layout is pretty frustrating, requiring you to hit a few switches that are very far apart, although it might go faster with 4+ players rather than 2. 
One thing I can say is that the boss is challenging as hell.  I was playing a maxed out Charlotte, and my friend was Alucard with valmanways, and we got our asses handed to us.  If you're looking for a challenge, its there, but probably not worth the price of admission.   They could have at least included the 2 new characters with this pack to make it worth it...

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Looks fantastic!  I've always been a huge fan of the AC games, although the melodrama on Shattered Skies was pretty unbearable.   If the "over the shoulder" plane gameplay actually works like that in-game it seems like this will be a pretty intense ride.

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So we really won't be able to get ANY of the "classic" Pokemon till beating the game?  Not even a damn Pikachu? 

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I'm mad that I lost my-srank on this game with all this new DLC they keep slapping on.  I hope they release a "GOTY edition" or some kind of bundle so I can just grab them all again at a discount and reclaim my lost glory.

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So... even though they claim to not take anything away from "standard" PSN members... they're really gimping demo access.   If you wanna try-before-you-buy, it sounds like you'd better be ready to pony up that subscription fee :/

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On my birthday, awesome!

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Great clues man, helped  me a lot with the few I was missing!