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Could we ask for anything more!?

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Putting my money on the Mercs still being at the top but I think Ferrari are going to be dangerous this season. Now lets do this!

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"They'll be hiding the swords in Japan at the moment". Alan Jones commenting on the new Honda engines.

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So 20 minutes to the start and we have 2 cars on the side of the track not moving. Shit is intense.

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So psyched for this. God I want Dan to do well.

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As an Aussie it can be frustrating when we miss out on content. That being said, if they release an edited version here and all that is removed is a rape scene I really have no issue with that.

In regards to people asking if we push for change regarding the video games rating system etc, yeah we do but to be honest there are much larger issues with our country at the moment than that stuff. Especially when it really isn't that hard to get your hand on anything that is banned. The government has no issue with you playing games that are banned, they only care if a retailer is selling them to the general public.

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I expected to have to have mine removed when my top ones started to come down until the dentist did and x-ray and discovered I only had them on the top, none of the bottom. Since the top ones were nice and straight and there were no bottom ones for them to push on and cause problems I didn't need to have them removed. My sister on the other hand had all 4 of her's removed. Not fun.

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Im in Australia and I have 10mps capped at 100gb a month. If I go over that they slow it to 256kbs. It doesn't really effect me that much but it will start to as huge downloads for games become more and more common.

The reason that Australians suffer this perhaps more than others is simply low population over a large area. We are physically almost the size of the US but we only have 22 million people. That means infrastructure costs us a ton of money.

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Is anybody else disappointed by the garbage they've been putting in the Flash sales (every 12 hours) and the Community Choice (every 24 hours)? I feel like the only good games I've seen go on sale have been in the major Daily Deals.

Like, oh shit, R.U.S.E., RAGE, or Cities in Motion 2, how will I ever decide between those hot bangers? /sarcasm

I was hoping they'd put some more niche indie games in the flash sales, like Gods Will Be Watching, The Fall, that sort of thing. Putting in 3-4-year-old console games like R.U.S.E., RAGE, and Bulletstorm isn't really what I'm looking for.

Agree with this completely. I actually laughed when I saw RAGE up there. I mean at least I remember people liking Bulletstorm? RAGE not so much...