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Congrats from Australia Vinny! Hope everyone is doing well.

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I wouldn't pay much for it but once it hits $10-15 I'll probably grab it. So far I'm not regretting my choice to stick with my PC.

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I'm really on the fence about Dan. On one hand I think he is a great guy who can make people laugh. On the other I'm certain how well he is able to express an opinion beyond "this game is great" or "this game sucks". I'm not saying he can't express that opinion, just that I am yet to see it.

The thing that really gets on my nerves is his attitude towards some things. If someone tries a food for the first time and their response is "oh no, nope, don't like that, that is not for me", I am totally fine with that. Everyone has different tastes and that's cool. However Dan's attitude towards a ton of stuff (not just food) seems to be "I've never tried it or have given it a half-assed go (eg. shaving) and I will just write it off as terrible and anyone who does enjoy it as terrible". That sort of attitude really drives me up the wall.

At first I wanted nothing more than a video of Drew and Dan sitting down and Drew introducing Dan to all sorts of crazy foods and trying to broaden his horizons. But now I am 90% sure that Dan would either refuse to take part at all or would just ruin by being determined to hate everything no matter what.

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Sounds like you've got it covered.

My one piece of advice is go to class and get your assignments done. That sounds like stupidly simple advice but I was shocked by the number of people who dropped out of my Business degree due to simply not being able to keep up due to their social lives. Not saying don't party, have a kick ass fun time; but when it comes down to it, do the damn work.

Also the opposite sex appreciate a guy who can dress himself well (or at least not badly) and can cook/look after himself.

Now go and have a great time!

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Yep, that looks pretty good. Damn well better be rated R, too.

I gotta be honest, though. The first Mad Max is one of the worst, most incomprehensible movies I've ever seen. The second is a classic, and while I've never seen Beyond Thunderdome, I don't think I'm missing much. Seems kinda weird to be excited for a new movie in a franchise that has only one good entry to begin with, but yeah, I'd say I'm pretty pumped for this new one.

I think that people forget that the first movie was in no way a typical film. It was a project by a bunch of amateur film makers and a first-time screenwriter. The whole thing was so small scale that all the car chases/crashes were done on a country road over a few days. They didn't actually get permission to close the road, they just shut it off, filmed and then opened to road again before anyone had time to figure out that something was going on.

As an Australian, the first film makes me rather proud to be honest.

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Last Christmas I gave you my heart, but the very next day - you gave it away. This year, to save me from tears, I'll give it to someone special.


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This is insane. Get that book back however you damn well can. And yeah, no more nice things for her.

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Well I'm Australian so...

Vegemite on fresh white bread with butter is the shit, you just don't spread it on thick like every tourist does before stating that it is the worst thing ever.

Kangaroo is really good but it can be difficult to cook correctly.

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As others have said. Not so much offensive as tasteless. Auschwitz is not your traditional tourist attraction and it shouldn't be treated like your traditional tourist attraction. It is a memorial. Respect should be shown while you are there. If you don't understand why that is the case then you probably have no business being there.

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Sorry to dredge up an old thread but I just finished the game so thought I would chime in.

I would say that Walker would be looking at years of continuous therapy etc etc. As for legal action against him, absolutely nothing.

There is no evidence against him. Everyone who saw any of it is dead. Anything that he did against the 33rd would be disregarded anyway as in the eyes of the military they are traitors.

For reference to a sort of similar real world example, look at what happened to Lieutenant Calley in Vietnam ( The guy, along with his squad, massacred a few hundred Vietnamese civilians, in full view of a reported who documented the whole thing (including taking photos). Calley was the only one charged with any crime and he received a harsh prison sentence but it was almost immediately reduced down to just a few years. None of his squad or his commanding officers were ever charged. So that's what happened to a guy who wasn't suffering from PTSD and that they had all the evidence they could ever want against.