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To anyone who has played them, are headsets required? I bought it to play online with one of my buddies who has since lost his ps4 and the last time I had the headset on with random people it was just racism non-stop.

I managed to complete one without voice chat, it made a couple of points a little harder but it's possible.

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Only played one of the heists with a random person, it was fun. It was the same as the single player heists with set up missions before the actual heist. Each player gets a job, in the first one it was either driving or drilling. I was the driller and had to do a couple of minigames to complete the heist. It was pretty straight forward, I'm curious if they get more complicated.

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I'm not sure how much people are going to care about anything they submit for this but in one of the Tom Francis Gamemaker videos is something that might be useful.

Basically it states that your work can't be used to make money also someone else can't take credit.

It's explained a bit in this video around 36:00 minute mark. Might be completely unnecessary for this but in case it's something people are worried about.

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AlwaysBeFlanking on steam

UK mostly playing trapper.

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The game is mostly fine for me, except when the game switches to a cut scene or a zombie grabs me. Then the frame rate drops to zero for a couple of seconds.

I have the settings set to best quality and my PC uses a i5 4670k and a GTX 780 with 8GB ram also running off an SSD.

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I've done the raid twice before would like to do it again.

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Level 28 (almost 29) Hunter PSN: LCoben

Was hoping to do the raid today but my Destiny disconnected me for some reason. Everythings fine now though and would like to do the raid again.