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Brad's distaste for wrestling and how he treats Dan and their fans is ironic considering the shit he dealt with for his DOTA love.

Some day people will just been cool with people liking things.

The same thing could be said about Dan's distaste for literally anything cultured, or anything anyone does that he doesn't understand. Dan's Twitter feed is one of the greatest offenders against your "Some day people will just be cool with people liking things" dream.

At least Dota 2 is a video game.

Dan publicly has admitted he mostly uses Twitter to rile people up. It's pretty funny, as you've shown here.

Since when did purposefully trying to rile people up become a cool thing to do?

It's pretty great because he just makes general statements like "Theater is dumb, we have better things these days" and people lose their shit. If he was calling people names or putting them down for liking something, it would be shitty of him. Dan is great because he gets all the uptight people to flock from the woodwork and it's hilarious every single time.

yea, even talking to him at Pax East, It cracks him up every time people take his generalizations seriously.

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Also looks like at 0:40, that the actor that played Wei Shen in Sleeping Dogs voices Kung Lao.

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Looks like he's a undead hell demon for a while, then goes back to being a good guy in the story as there's a proper older human Liu Kang shown in the story cutscenes.

Im really curious now as to who the final boss is now for this game, was totally expecting Liu Kang to be it, but im guessing based off the teaser for the system of a down tv spot, its either Onaga, or a Demon form Shinnok

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The two most anti-JRPG/Japanese design guys on staff? No thanks! I'll find preview coverage elsewhere.

They were actually fairly positive on the mechanics of the game.

yep, this looks pretty promising,

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I was half hoping they'd stop at The End and come back a week later to find... Well you know.

I am more confused than Drew. I finished this game, I can't remember The End being that amazing of a boss fight. All I remember is that it took a while to find him. Just what is everyone going on about being mysterious about this boss battle? I feel like I missed something.

If you wait a week once the fight with the end starts, he automatically dies next time you start the game

with how they spread these episodes out and shoot these episodes out, its gonna be pretty funny if that happens by accident. i wonder if Dan and Astriker will let that happen.

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Wonder who's at 0:28

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They premiered this video at their panel at Pax East, it was not billed as gameplay, but more to reveal what engine the game is using which shocker, turns out its UE4 they are using

they are still holding back a lot of info, guy at the panel talked about how there is a lot more you can do in FPS games with player movement, and was excited about this aspect, but he was not allowed to elaborate, and said how Titanfall was cool, but that that was only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what can be done. can't wait to see what they have planned proper.

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i fucking love there's a new one of these.

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Rising Dan Samurai Gunman

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@snakeeyes327: Its definitely Bi Han. In the comic he shows up to shake someone down and the person is afraid he's come on behalf of Quan Chi, and Sub-Zero tells him Quan Chi is in the past. Then a little later on he gets a dagger to the face which causes the scar. Remember that this is an alternate timeline so anything that happened in MK1-7 doesn't necessarily happen here, especially post MK3.

The thing that has me doubting its Kuai Lang also, is that Kuai Lang turned into Cyber Subzero , and died as Cyber Subzero at the end of MK9, nowhere in the last 10 Mortal Kombat games has there been a Lin Kuei Robot turned back into a full human as far as i believe, as with their logic, once you go robot, you cant go back (is there grounds to introduce a reversal procedure now? absolutely, but as of right now though.). whereas in MK logic, there is grounds to be "purified", as in Deadly Alliance Scorpion got thrown into a Soulnado and became a good guy that served the elder gods... but we'ill ultimately see who he actually is when the game is out.

Also, i have a feeling that scar is actually important this time, considering he got it from a Kamidogu artifact, as Kamiodogu stuff in the last timeline related to The Dragon King (the boss from Deception)