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@do_the_manta_ray: Now that is super interesting to hear and continues to have me stoked for tuesday. appreciate the response man

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@do_the_manta_ray: oh never, i love the Mk storyline, so to hear that they did great is fantastic, its just when i hear people describe an aspect of a game as "dumb" it kinda throws me for a loop, because i wonder if the person means that in a good way or a bad way.

One other question, in the story mode, have you encountered or heard of Reiko or Havik yet? they are sort of Major characters in the comics so im curious if they made the jump to the proper game's story mode.

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@do_the_manta_ray: When you say "dumb", for the story mode, you mean that in a good way right?

another question would be have you spent any time in the krypt yet? i watched some of the leaked vids out there and it looks awesome now.

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Really liked Adam, especially after you do some of the sidequests that flesh his character out.

but goddamm fuck yea more Deus Ex.

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the one i remember was dead or alive 5, because i actually beat jeff.

but i think i got in for a couple others back in the day.

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i liked it.

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Good on you guys for giving this a more prominent placement

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see, this is what you do for a remaster.

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I personally have no problem with remasters, as the remasters so far have been majority great games.

but this is just too soon, this should come at like midway through this generation.not at the very start

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good to see based off early impressions this one's living up to the hype, was a bit concerned after the order if this was gonna pan out.

Early word seems to say it's a game with fast paced combat and frame rate issues. Not sure that counts as living up to the hype, but fingers crossed that the content makes up for the technical shortcomings.

yea i dont really care about technical issues once the core game's great, and early word is that its legit great,

we'ill see soon enough, review embargo is up at 10pm eastern.