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Finally they confirmed it, this has been so off and on rumored for the longest while now,

buying this day one, this is one of the HD remasters i really wanted to if they can just do Dark Souls 1 to go along with this,

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man, say what you will about this year in games, but this year for GOTY deliberations is going to be extremely interesting.

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more power to you homie, your the 1st person ive heard to ever say that.

never played ghosts after the poison that was attached to it, but i thought Advanced Warfare's campaign was excellent and one of my top 3 games of this year.

not really a multiplayer guy for this series so i cant speak to that.

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@slag said:

Honestly I have zero idea what Jeff's favorite game is this year. I don't think anything has really grabbed him.

i feel like with the exception of Brad and Dan (who's goty are most likely shadow of mordor) the favorite games from the staff members are going to be really interesting this year.

this whole year, those top 10s are going to be interesting.

also i feel like bayonetta 2 is a dark horse contender for goty

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Dan AND Jason were easily the best hires the site could have ever made, i personally think they recharged this site's "enthusiasm" since they came aboard.

I even chatted with some of your folks at Pax Prime and we agreed that Dan reminds us of Ryan in the best way possible.

so i personally dont mind seeing the guy in a ton of videos.

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even as a superfan of the series, i was disappointed in unity and sad to see so much restrictions.

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yep, its his ideal spot because it actually gets him to be awake and positive during a bombcast. also gives the rest of the cast more room to shine when they are not the hosts

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Shadow of Mordor for 25bucks? man, might just snag that for some friends.

other than that im gunning for Rogue, Diablo 3, and Sleeping Dogs.

that Playstation TV is tempting though....

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Curious to see how the sales for Pax Prime go when those tickets go live, as Pax East Friday and Sunday tickets are still available. makes me think that Pax South did take some of the audience that would normally go after Pax East or Prime.

hopefully it wont be a 30min bum rush for Prime tickets when that rolls around.

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yea ran into an instance of falling through the ground in the game.