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try out remote play with vita

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Granted, stuff like Tomb Raider where you have to constantly be babying the camera doesn't seem like the optimal way to play the game but still....

id say using the backtouch to manage the camera could be a decent workaround.

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@toowalrus said:

This is pretty cool, but there's to many hoops to jump through for this to actually be practical. I wonder, once they get their gaikai service up and running, if it will come to Vita, as well. Or at least, Vita via PS4 streaming. There are still plenty of PS3 exclusive games I haven't gotten around to playing, yet.

...though what I want most is to do the opposite, I'd rather play Persona 4 Golden on my TV, I'd be rad if the Vita could stream to the PS4.

oh yea, doing it right now requires a bunch of steps with downloading and flashing firmware, but its cool to see that the technology is there to get minimal latency.

makes me think doing it on ps4 should be much better now that its natively supported.

thats a good idea you brought up about transferring vita games to the Tv, here's hoping come gamescom they announce you can do that.

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I am curious whether Sony will find some way to patch this out. I mean, they want people using their software the way they want it used, and they don't mind burning down the whole thing to prevent what they see as impropriety. I do hope the quality of the base PS4 firmware and hardware will make that thought meaningless. It certainly appears to have potential!

well its on custom hacked firmware, regular everyday ps3's cant even do this, did some more searching and apparently ps3's older than 2011 are the only ones that can do this.

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I Went down a big rabbit hole with this whole remote play stuff because i wanted to see how it works now, and how bad it is. and then i came across users installing custom firmware on their ps3's

well this user installed custom firmware on the ps3 which allowed him to play ps3 games on vita through remote play, and the results look quite impressive and look quite playable (linked below is tomb raider, bioshock infinite, and crysis 2 running on remote play)

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quite impressive as at least to me it looks like it only has minimal latency, (and they are using the back touch screen as substitutes for triggers)

and to think this is running on a custom firmware ps3, the fact that the ps4 will just natively make this happen and said hardware is a lot more powerful than the ps3 leaves me optimistic for how it will work on ps4 (because the majority of the processing/uploading is going to be done on the ps4 if i recall what sony was pitching, and the vita well just act like a terminal/WiiU controller).

yep totally picking up a vita this holiday, seems like there are enough vita specific games also for those times i wont be connected to the internet when traveling.

(btw if you all spot any bullshit in these videos that im overlooking, sound off in the thread)

adding a few more demostrations (linking persona 4 arena, remember me, and SSX and batman arkham city)

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asuras wrath.

and i wanna see a god of war 4

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i think you meant dennis dyack,

actually caught me off guard for a min thought david cage did something raw,

but damm though this sucks for dyack and his team.

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My understanding is Sony is requiring all games to have remote play functionality (exceptions are given for when makes no sense accessory wise like Move games). The PS4 would be the cloud.

Now ive used remote play on PS3 using a Vita and I dont think it was bad at all. At least at the moment im looking forward to this feature based on what ive played with currently.

what did you do with it? and how responsive was it?