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@marino: hey. do you know anything about how the autograph sessions work? like do they put a set limit on how much stuff you can get autographed?

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i want in if possible

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I just want to say a massive and very genuine thank you to all of you guys who are archiving this stuff on youtube.

You are awesome.

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it was ok....

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feels a bit surreal to actually be like "Hey im going to Pax Prime this year!, i can totally get in on this!"

that is providing i make it to the thread on thursday in time.

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@excast: maybe thats in the pipeline? how much shows are left on gamespot now?

the site's huge, i cant imagine its gonna just be the lobby and now playing forever now...

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so cbsi are ripping apart gamespot and making Danny O Dwyer the face of the site, and supporting giant bomb which is a personality-entertainment driven site.

some smart suits are working there and seeing where things are going.

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Rhianna Pratchett nailed it,

now if only this stance was clearly articulated months ago, people would listen.