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@superkicker: yea i think it will eventually, its like the last big Vita exclusive,

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Man thats a bummer to hear it didnt improve, messed with it at PAX and yea that framerate was borderline unplayable. walked away after a minute playing.

and id say it could be fixed, but if im correct, the vita version is close to the ps3 version in terms of content (not to mention the vita save i believe can be used on ps4) while the mobile versions are not up to those standards yet, so that (and the fact that the mobile one went through a TON of updates) could explain why the mobile one runs better.

i could be wrong though.

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i may have some years old unfinished business to get resolved with the mod team, but generally speaking the mods are fantastic and do a terrific job making this place better for all.

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Good on her, but her claim that Giant Bomb was not covering the gamergate controversy was already false. Patrick has been on it ever since it happened.

yea, i recognize its my GB fandom talking, but as much as whats happened to her is disgusting, i dont appreciate how she threw GB under the bus like that and my sympathy for her will stop here.

especially when Patrick sticks his neck out and covers this stuff time and time again and gets roasted for it. and GB has had a good bit of women on video content (merry, tina, alexa, cara,) since those criticisms were made against the staff.

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Anti GG and GG aside, i feel like what can really be agreed apon is that Twitter really needs some more moderators or policing.

Or maybe just a self-examination on our over reliance on it. If it's so conducive to misuse by those attempting to silence than maybe the attempts to reclaim it are in vain.

yea, people could learn to "disconnect" from social media once in a while, but i think sadly people might need to have more policing on twitter as to get people to self-reflect their usage and obession with twitter is highly unlikely.

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Good article Patrick. A tad too late tho, Brianna already called out GB on MSNBC for doing nothing :(

We can always do better. Always. That's life.

Maybe she had NoPat turned on.

OK I genuinely LoL'd, haha thank you sir!

ill post this here, she's sorry for calling out GB.

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Anti GG and GG aside, i feel like what can really be agreed apon is that Twitter really needs some more moderators or policing.

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Patrick, people who support GamerGate have been sent death threats too. These threats are not isolated to either side, please don't group a whole movement of people who want a positive change in the industry with one bad person.

he addressed this on bombin and on a premium Q and A at one point, he doesnt deny there is some people that actually have something meaningful to say, but stuff like this really overshadows and colors the whole thing that it makes it hard to listen to what those people are trying to say.

sadly though, it seems there are others that are willing to generalize a whole movement based on the actions of a few lunatics.

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your site your rules, some cool people that reside here and some "not so cool" people that reside here. so the rules are for the best.

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of course arthur gies reviewed it and gave it a 7.5

but wow, the reviews are incredible, might be the highest rated AAA game out this year.