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@mrfluke: Want to make some predictions? Here are mine:

  • Destiny releases on consoles on Sep 9th (given)
  • Expansion 1 drops just before Black Friday - Last week of November.
  • Expansion 2 hits January or February 2015
  • PC release announced just after Expansion 2 hits, somewhere around the end of March or early April 2015. This will give the consoles six months of exclusivity and the first two expansions before Activision discusses the PC version.

id say you nailed it.

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@amyggen: some more info leaked out, word is itill have 32 story missions and 23 strike missions.

if its true, thats pretty substantial for a retail game. we'ill see soon.

We'll see, I guess. What we do know is that the game will have a shit ton of DLC. I wouldn't be surprised if it has so much DLC that it'll almost be like a $10-15 "monthly fee" in practice. How much is that first DLC pass you can buy, and for how long does it last?

I was just thinking the same thing as I was reading this topic and the associated Reddit post. The way Destiny is set up with different planets and then areas on those planets seems perfect for supporting a long term DLC strategy.

That's not necessarily a bad thing as long as the base game has plenty of content to offer people for the $60 price of admission. If Bungie plans on supporting this game with post-release content as long as they're saying right now, they're going to need DLC (either paid or otherwise) to keep players interested. It's going to be interesting to see how often these "expansions" are going to be released, and what they're going to offer.

i feel like if the ghost edition is coming with codes for those expansions, then they cant be that far off.

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@mrfluke: Dude, what the hell was that thing? I never saw anything like that in my time with the game!

Also, I love all the dancing videos.

Heard reports that bungie hid a Ogre in the beta (thats what that thing is)

apparently that thing was located during the strike where you had to go through 3 waves of enemies for the laser grid to turn off, there was a cave to the left of where the ghost was disabling the lasers where the hive was coming out from, inside that cave had a set of unkillable enemies, deep down where that set of unkillable enemies was, lurked that thing. wished i came across it as well, never saw it either.

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yea, for me honestly, this game is easily one of the greatest experiences one can have with a videogame, i really want to see a Morpheus game thats a spiritual successor to this game.

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There's no point in buying anything other than Ultra.

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fuck, i might be in for all those except rogue legacy.

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meh, let them take their time, persona 4 i would consider to be one of the best rpgs of the last 10 years, so im good. let them create a worthy sequel.

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