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yea that atmosphere sounds like it sucks, but hell a destiny alpha and a battlefield beta sound ok.

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What the fuck does this mean? Witcher looks jaw dropping, but is it 'next gen'? Is anything ever going to be next gen? Do you want in to jump out of the screen and eye fuck you?

seriously, i feel that term "next gen" is hurting things more than helping.

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@demoskinos: I liked Shadow of the Colossus but I found ICO to be painfully boring.

I'm not really sure what to think about this game.

There's really nothing to think about. They've shown very little of the game, and they showed it so long ago that who knows if anything regarding that original trailer is even valid at this point? And did they ever at any point show actual gameplay? The E3 trailer from five years ago was cinematic.

to my knowledge, this is some of the last set of stuff that was shown.

and those videos were from 2009-2010,

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Yeah, this was way better than expected. It was hard to pull away. In fact, I couldn't!

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Yea, i hope there's something more dynamic that they are going to show at E3, cause this couldnt be more boring footage to have out of the game right now, especially when they are spending $500 million behind this game. how could they have not seen that this would happen?

Still optimistic and still have my hopes up though that itill be great because its still bungie, but im not even sure of bungie anymore after how they fired Marty......

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Seriously though, if Duke Nukem Forever made it to retail there is no excuse for this.

that gif now seems much more appropriate :P

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what a waste of money canceling the game, but i guess if it ended up sucking, it would do more harm than good.

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just saw that as well, thats wild and a bummer

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awww, really hoped that mario maker was real.