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I mostly watch Quick Looks and other videos on my phone during my commute. I also listen to the Bombcast on my commutes as well. For live shows I usually watch it on my TV or on my desktop.

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I followed the crew back in the Gamespot days. Then Jeff got fired and stopped going there for a while. About 2 years later I was thinking "Hmm I wonder what happened to that Gerstmann fella" and googled him and found Giant Bomb. The first video I saw was the Tony Hawk Ride Quicklook.

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Patrick, buddy, it's been awesome having you around. I hope your new adventures brings you joy and happiness. <>

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Yes! Thanks for putting this up, big props to the other hosts as well.

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Thanks for the write-up guys. It pretty much sums up how I feel about this whole gamersgate fiasco. In the end it's just video games, plain and simple.

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Wow I love seeing how the internet looked like back in the 90's. Happy Birthday Gamespot!

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@ez123 said:

Happy anniversary!

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I love this, this is amazing. Happy Anniversary Rorie!

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I'm at a loss of words, RIP Ryan Davis :(

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