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I am really curious how the Vita sales pan out. Sony isn´t in good shape at the moment.

I tested a PS Vita at a store last week the touch screen is really smooth. I'm not 100% on the layout yet as the one I tried was chained up to a stand making it hard to get a full experience of the unit. The layout for the analog sticks seems to be a little restricted based on how big your hands are, but that's not to say that it cannot be something that you can get use to. I tried a fighting game and wipe out. The screen and graphics are amazing quality with no real lag that I could see. I would like to test a FPS and some more fighting games like Capcom x Tekken. If those games play well and the control system is tight I'll defo purchase a Vita no question about it.

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Dam this looks great can't wait to get it! What a collaboration, this is how to evolve in the fighting genre! Now give us Tatsunoko vs Capcom 2 on PS3 and Xbox.

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Sweeeet, this is a must have for my iPhone 4, bring it on!

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Meat shield's a meat shield.

2nd that! The meat shield is totally underrated. This is the perfect combo when dealing with a blood thirsty bunch of zombos IMO. Just remember to stuff the zombies mouth with something, or shoot their face off before using!

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Hi Mendelson9,

I would be really happy to get an invite for the iphone beta, here is my profile link on steam:

I'll send a friend request now.

Many thanks!