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is Destiny coming to pc? Serious question haha.

No, but Destiny 2 will.

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Meanwhile Lara croft is innocent girl that murders 1000s in an island just to save herself. Thats like videogame logic man.

Except in Tomb Raider the mental toll murder and violence takes on her is a theme of the new series. She is literally in therapy in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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"Destined To Dickitude" is a way better article title. I demand a change.

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The final choice is the Noir-est fucking thing, and I love it so much. You can choose to either make the ending The Usual Suspects, or Chinatown. I chose Chinatown, and I think it's the only real option.

Forget it Bigby, it's Fabletown.

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Wow, was not expecting that tepid reaction. The consensus I've seen is that it's easily the best episode of the season so far.

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Where are the other patch notes? Have they fixed the audio bug yet?

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It's crazy that's it's coming out way earlier on 3DS considering the character parody etc. :/

You also think they would want to push the Wii U version more??

They're not stupid. WAAAAAAAAAY more people have 3DSes than Wii Us.

They win in two different ways:

The people who are really excited for the Wii U version aren't gonna see that the game is out 4 months early and go "no thanks, I DON'T want to be able to play it right now"

And then those same people when the Wii U version comes out aren't gonna go "no thanks, I don't need the one on the console that's dying for games and can play with an actual controller locally with my friends; I'M gonna stick with this handheld version".

It's very mercenary of them, but it's genius. I was having real trouble deciding which version I was gonna get. Now I'm probably gonna get both. I can't be the only one, either, this must be happening for an inconsequential number of people.

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Patrick's Facebook deletion method is...diabolical.

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@fobwashed: Listen man, if there's one Giant Bomber who would shoot a shotgun at Patrick, it's Jeff.