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I don't own a Wii U, Nintendo! Let me give you money for this game I really want to play that can absolutely run on the thing I already own!

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The QLEX got me real excited for this, but there's one thing I'm really curious to hear about that I don't think anything has been said on: does this have any replayability? I love XCOM because you can, like in Civ, play "a game of XCOM". There's a beginning, a couple beats along the way, and an end, but everything in between will be completely different every time. Have they said if The Bureau will be anything like that? The impression I get is that the entire game is a set progression of scripted missions that will all be the same every single time you play it. Maybe I'm missing some information where they talk about procedural generation or randomization.

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Jesus christ.

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@djou: Yeah, you're not gonna be getting that until maybe the weeks before it comes out. This is the Rockstar cycle. People hardly knew anything about GTA4 until the weekend before it came out, when reviews were allowed to hit. MAYBE they'll do their excellent gameplay trailers, like they did for Red Dead. I can hope for that, but I don't expect it. Rockstar also never ever goes to conventions or trade shows like E3, because they don't have to. They can say jack shit about their game because all you have to do is put a box on a shelf that says "Grand Theft Auto V" and everyone is going to buy it.

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They have to be moving to something else, they had to have been making some decent money off of this plan.

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I'm having a bad case of "backlash to the backlash", so now I'm hunkering down in my bunker of 'yes BioShock Infinite was actually that goddamned good'. The Last of Us and GTA5 have their work cut out for them to snatch GOTY away, with Watch Underscore Dogs being the dark horse candidate. Or maybe some game that isn't even announced yet will blow everyone's minds. That'd be nice.

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Is "The Cave" really that bad?

It's pretty good. "Pretty good" did not meet expectations of "The New Maniac Mansion-like Game From The Guy What Invented Maniac Mansion".

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I have a feeling that this was the deal all along: Ron Gilbert comes to Double Fine, they let him make the Cave, they get his opinion on all other projects, and once the Cave is out, he's free to go.

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@trilogy said:

Call me a cynical piece of shit, but I have a feeling people are going to be disappointed with this game. Something along the lines of "water downed action ruining their favorite franchise." Not that I want it to be a bad game. I hope it turns out awesome and people get the kind of stealth game they want.

I kind of feel this way as well. We're more than likely going to see things that the fans of this series will hate.

If there's any team that can do it, it'll be the one that made a goddamn new Deus Ex game that most people really liked.

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I didn't know my expectations for Saints Row 4 could go any lower.