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Dan Teasdale pointed out that a way way way better Summer of Arcade starts up shortly after. CS Go, Rock Band Blitz, Joe Danger The Movie, and MvC Origins.

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The Binary Saga or whatever did just fine. Maybe there is some pedigree there that I'm missing.

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@TruthTellah: The new offices are actually closer to Double Fine than the old ones were. Same of Supergiant Games.

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I'm very happy about Rocksmith's success. They've been supporting the game magnificently since launch, paying close attention to what the community wants and, instead of saving it for DLC or the next game, patching it into the current game for free. It's wonderful to see.

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Patrick, just call the feature "Playing Favorites" and be done with it.

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Somehow I get the feeling the one person who put themselves down for $10,000 on the Kickstarter was this guy.

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Mortal Kombat is absolutely the Best Story of the year. For a fighting game. It's nice and all that they figured out how to actually execute a story and all in a fighting game, but to say it's well-written is just pretty wrong. I love MK, but I don't love its writing more than Deus Ex.

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I'm amazed RAGE isn't even a runner-up for Best Looking, I'd figure Brad would be fighting hard for it. Maybe Dead Space 2 was a peace offering.