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Penn's Sunday school, is pretty great if you like Penn Gillette.

The thinking atheist, is one of my favorites. Seth Andrews has an incredible voice, however the quality kinda low.

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A book that covers a bit of everything from algebra to calculus. Something that explains everything in great detail and then gives you several different problems to solve. It sounds like a college textbook would be the best option, but im not That's way out of my budget. Im just looking to beef up/learn new things. Thank you to all that can help.

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Incredibly well acted and best horror of 2014!

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I don't , but don't have a problem with anybody that does. I would definitely LARP a Dark Souls themed maze, if such a thing existed.

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@turtlebird95: I have the same 360 issues, that's what worried me. Thank you, you have sold me on the XBO.

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The xbox one is the console for me, I still have a few concerns though. My only and major concern(s) are overheating and loud fan spinning, are these even issues I should worry about, seems like there isn't a RROD issue like last time. Am I creating issues that aren't even there? Thanks for any and all feedback.

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I just found this album yesterday, holy hell it is amazing. It is Primus's interpretation of the classic Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory songs. It took a good bit of getting used, but just close your eyes and let drift off.

*Sorry if the link doesn't post.

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Obvious Child - 4.5/5. I love Jenny Slate, and its great to see her in a lead role.

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Just Modern Warfare 4, that's it.

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Many may not agree but definitely Pay Day 2 had me itching to play weeks before. So much that it was hard to play anything else.