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@richardquarisa: I'm by no means bashing it, it's in my top five sci-fi movies.

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Sunshine, Sci-fi into slasher film.

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@zelyre: the ten minute breaks are why most sports don't hold my attention, I love the fact there are maybe one to no commercials on during these matches. It makes the games fly by for me.

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Used to absolutely hate it, even though I never watched a single match. I decided out of the blue to watch atleast one match of the World Cup, the first game in fact Brazil v. Spain I fell in love! Some reason I would tense up when goals were made or nearly made. Draws don't bother me at all, the Brazil v. Mexico match was probably one of the most intest I've seen.

It's been odd enjoying something I've hated for so long, I only ever really care about College Football, never got into basketball as it has bored the shit out of me.

Getting so interested has caused me to purchase Fifa 13, been playing none stop.

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@meltac: yeah, I know that, but I've heard people saying 14 is slower, I honestly wouldn't know. I am curious to see how 15 turns out on current consoles, I just hope it doesn't get shit on, because of heavy next gen focus. I am playing the demo, so mostly it's a price thing $20ish for 13 vs $40 ish for 14 on amazon. Then if 15 is competent I'll pick it up Black Friday.

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I am on the same boat, I know nothing about FOOTBALL( sorry it's all hear on the other forums). First time watching this year, I am in love! However I am debating on picking up The Sly Cooper collection or Fifa 13, since I am still on current gen. If I had a Ps4 I'd be all over 14!

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I played the price is right DVD/board game with my friend and mom. We could only truly drink Smirnoff ice at the time but it did the trick, god damn I hate that shit now.

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I just picked the game up for $6 on steam not knowing if it would work on my wife's laptop. Well it does, and it's impossible to play with a track pad. So how do I get a PS3 controller synced? Or am I going to have to find a wired 360 controller?

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1) Mass Effect 2

2) Resident Evil 2

3) Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

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First thing I notice is sound hitches and minor graphic hiccups. Is this pretty common on this version? I don't recall it playing this janky on 360, then again I bought it when it first came out, hard to remember five years ago.