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Maybe that I've started Dark Souls over 8 times make it to Anor Londo then stop for whatever reason. Yet, I've beaten Dark Souls 2, and started over again. I also like the world more in 2.

I have never Beaten a turn based JRPG, FF, Parasite Eve, Chrono trigger, Blue Dragon..

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@tobbrobb: I got destroyed in 4-1 by the first enemy, good to know they're weak to Blunt weapons so I'm going back now. I beat the Armor Spider in 2-1 easily, got to the Flamelurker and had his ass at half health and lost track of my health.

I just started over again with a magician build, I'm already at where I was before in half the time.

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Thanks, I did not know about the piercing weapons working so well there, I just flew through that area.

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So I decided I am finally going to beat this game, the moving on to Dark Souls. I beat Dark Souls 2 earlier last year, which is pretty easy compared to this game. I started over with a new Character and blasted through the first three areas in the first world. Now I am stuck, not truly, but my strikes do almost no damage to anybody in this second world. I am looking to go for a tank-esque build. Here are my stats so far...

Soul lvl 20.
Armor Plate (what I started with)
Bastard Sword +3
Cling Ring and Ring of Great Strength
Vit 20

Int 9
End 13
Str 19
Dex 11
Mag 8
Faith 10
Luck 10

My plan is to level up Vit, Str and End. I am leveling up End every two times I level up Vit and Str. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Penn's Sunday school, is pretty great if you like Penn Gillette.

The thinking atheist, is one of my favorites. Seth Andrews has an incredible voice, however the quality kinda low.

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A book that covers a bit of everything from algebra to calculus. Something that explains everything in great detail and then gives you several different problems to solve. It sounds like a college textbook would be the best option, but im not That's way out of my budget. Im just looking to beef up/learn new things. Thank you to all that can help.

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Incredibly well acted and best horror of 2014!

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I don't , but don't have a problem with anybody that does. I would definitely LARP a Dark Souls themed maze, if such a thing existed.

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@turtlebird95: I have the same 360 issues, that's what worried me. Thank you, you have sold me on the XBO.

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The xbox one is the console for me, I still have a few concerns though. My only and major concern(s) are overheating and loud fan spinning, are these even issues I should worry about, seems like there isn't a RROD issue like last time. Am I creating issues that aren't even there? Thanks for any and all feedback.