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Pharmakon in Greek means both poison and cure. With that said, if you're interested in books that explore the human psyche and the elusiveness of happiness buy the book entitled Pharmakon by Dirk Wittenborn. Very good. Very interesting. I'll give a more in depth look (maybe a paragraph or so) when I finish it.  | LINK|

High Violet in English means...fuck if I know. Anyways, one of my favorite bands THE NATIONAL has released their long awaited fifth album. This album sounds like a blend between their third and fourth album, however; it is a lot more concise lyrically and makes use of repetitive cords like no other. All of this is to great affect because the album delivers a sense of melancholic maturity...maturity being what only started to show up in their fourth album entitled "Boxer." Either way, if you're looking for something new to listen to I would highly suggest giving them a chance. | PREVIEW| | LINK|

The Games of 1st Semester Sophomore Year

Ok, so I finished up my first year of College, with the 2nd semester being the beginning of my role as a Sophomore. Quick run down, was accepted into the Chellgren Fellowship Program (highest honor at UK) and came out with a 4.0 year and in good standing to be eligible for research opportunities and etc... However, amongst enjoying the college life I did take sometime (Saturday during the day) to catch up on some video games. Here is what I played:

Games of the Summer

Now that school is over and I've had a lot of free time I've been playing some games, mostly Guild Wars and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. I did buy Metro 2033 in April, but decided not to play it until I got my grades back, and since I did so well I decided to install the game. Needless to say, Metro 2033 is like a linear version of STALKER with some Half-life 2 and Doom thrown in for good measure. The game took me around eight hours to complete, and while some of the achievements are interesting, and I'm sure challenging. I have no real desire to go back and play the game again. It's like any other medium, not counting music, once I've experienced it there is no desire to do so again because I already know whats going to happen. So, what does someone in my position, with game ADD do? Keep playing Battlefield and revisit the world of Guild Wars.  

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Goals of the Summer (game wise)

Battlefield: Bad Company 2:
  • Finish unlocking everything in Recon Kit
Guild Wars:
  • Level 5 Ebon Vanguard Reputation
  • Get Monument Armor (requires the above)
  • Beat Prophecies (three levels away, decided to wait for the above)
  • Beat Factions
  • Beat Eye of the North

Not Related to Gaming...

  • Work 40 hours a week as a Patient Safety Companion (this will look good on my resume since I'm a Psychology major and would like to go to Graduate school for clinical psychology)
  • Go to New York and visit my friend
  • Save lots of money so I can study abroad in Prague next year
  • Put the rest of the money in savings so I can move out after Prague
  • Read Atlast Shrugged and write that essay so that I may be able to win $10,000 (don't bank on this)

Quick Question

What games are you all looking forward to (coming out on the pc) that isn't on my wish list? | LINK|
And that's all I've really go to say. I know some of you probably don't give a rats ass about what I'm doing, but enjoy the blog. After writing this I feel accomplished so I'm goign to go grind in Guild Wars so I can get my Monument Armor. And one more thing I wanted to mention, I stumbled upon the following video related to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 yesterday.