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@frobie: That's fantastic! Thanks for looking in to it

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No subscriber videos and no settings here either

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I don't know if this exactly falls under the purview of this post, but the plex video app hasn't been playing subscriber videos for a while, and is acting a bit funky with regular videos. I put a slightly more detailed writeup of the issue here

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Still can't play subscriber videos in Plex. Any word on an update?


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I've been having issues over the past week or so. When I select any video, instead of immediately playing as it usually does, it pops up an intermediate screen that asks what resolution I want to play. I select one and it plays as usual. Not too big a deal, but if I select a premium stream, the same menu pops up, then throws up an error message and refuses to play.

The resolution menu is the same option that pops up elsewhere in Plex when I play something from youtube, so my guess is that it's not recognizing premium status, hence trying to play the videos from youtube instead of GB's player as well as not allowing premium streams.

I tried re-linking my account to no avail, and tried the full uninstall and reinstall of the channel, but still no luck.

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Ditto on the Plex app

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For what it's worth, it appears the set top box streams (in my case Plex) aren't working now either, neither subscriber or public videos.

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Went to watch something a minute ago and everything was working again (HD auto selected etc). Looks like the auto update just came through. Thanks a bunch! You guys (continue to) rock!

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@tsigo: Tried what you said and just deleted the LiveStream section from the python code, and wound up with the same result. The two SD stream options appear to be the same quality, so it's not like one is HD just mislabeled. But hey, at least it's working now. Thanks for the hot tip!

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