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Personally, I'll be holding out for Jungler: Game of the Year addition, but if my will is tested with a sale for vanilla Jungler, you better believe I'm jumping all over it.

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Hey guys, I was inspired quite a bit by this rumor (and this thread of course!) and so tonight I'm starting up a new game of SSX3 ... and you can watch if you'd like :)    
Begins in just a few minutes!

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As a huge fan of Remedy, I've been beyond excited for this ever since it was announced. I almost can't believe it's finally coming out, but I'm damn glad it is.

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I like Lock'n Chase. It has a beat and you can dance to it. 

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I've absolutely played "bad games" on purpose. For as cynical as I can be sometimes (and I think you've guys have heard me at my most cynical, RE: MW2), my honest opinion on this topic is that no matter what, every game has something to offer you. Whether it's a unique gameplay mechanic that just didn't pan out, an interesting artistic direction or, in the case of something like Big Rigs, complete and utter programming lunacy, there's always something worth discovering. Besides, if no one bothered playing those Zelda CD-I games, most would never have seen those awesome cinematics ;)

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This was definitely one of my favorite episodes of the Nerd. He's clearly a very bright guy and knows a ton about the history of games and I'd really like to see more episodes like this in-between this usual, hilarious hijinks. I remember flipping through some of those awesome Atari promo catalogues when I was a kid and reading all about the completely insane Swordquest contest. I also remember feeling cheated that I hadn't been born 2-3 years earlier! 
I'd also like to see someone try another wacky contest like this but there never seems to be any real follow through. Anyone else remember the ill-fated Advent Rising? The GiantBomb page doesn't mention it (a disturbing trend!) but Majesco originally planned a $1,000,000 (yes, one million) dollar giveaway to the first person who could find a certain, hidden symbol in the game. It was ultimately scrapped due to poor sales and of course, the game being a hot mess of glitches. 

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Hey anyone up for some games? Some folks I was supposed to play tonight bailed :( 
Gamertag: Mr Jared, XBL 
Send me a game invite!

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Without question, Zangief is my favorite character. Not only do I love everything about his design and how he's evolved over the years (He's a gigantic, bear-wrestling, Russian gay with the most powerful moves in fighting games. Too good.), but he's also the reason why I started taking SF2 seriously when I was a kid. All my friends would play just Ken and Ryu but when I went looking for competition, I saw every character in the roster and realized that I could play whoever I wanted, and thus began a decade+ of practically non-stop Zangief play. Everyone knows I love the dude ... my girlfriend made me a custom Gief toy and I even had him etched into my iPhone.  
Runners-up? Hugo from SF3: 3rd Strike comes to mind immediately, not only because I have a certain affinity for the giant grapplers, but because I love all his ridiculous animations. Makoto, also from 3rd Strike is up there mainly because her sprite work is probably Capcom's best. Every frame of her attacks is filled with so much energy and emotion that it's hard not to get excited watching her fight.  

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So basically.. 
I thought that's why everyone loved Metal Gear Solid 4? Hours upon hours of nonstop bootylicious cinematics!