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As Media Consultant for iPlayWinner I can tell you this with absolute certainty: There is no money to be made in running streams, which is why you've seen a lot less iPW streams with the exception of Starbase and majors. It's a lot of fun, sure, but it's also an incredible amount of hard work for something that, to be honest, it doesn't seem like a whole lot of people appreciate. In the end, running a big stream is more or less an advertisement for your site where there is potentially a lot more money involved what with better advertisers, referrals and all that good stuff. I seriously can't think of a stream we've done in which we've seen a significant return on investment, even with our streams doing 80,000 uniques in a weekend, where the effort couldn't have been put to better use on the website. 
I love running streams but every time I run a major for iPlayWinner I'm constantly reminded why I stopped doing it.
Edit: Also, on the topic of donations, I've never liked it. Especially when, in the past, the people who beg most for donations don't actually invest back into the product.

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Super Meat Boy will return because I am SO FREAKING CLOSE to unlocking The Kid. For now, Hinkle is going to be playing Battlefield: Vietnam with the rest of the Joystiq crew. I've honestly never seen this game in multiplayer so Im at least interested :X

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@Make_Me_Mad said:
" I will be watching this whenever possible.  Playing my channels over your hilarious Super Meat Boy deaths is surprisingly relaxing. "
At least SOMEBODY is relaxing. I'm about to eject myself from this planet.
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Hey all! I'm hiding out in San Francisco for the New Years, surfing on the couch of Joystiq's @DaveHinkle and we're going to be streaming games all week long. Expect a lot of Super Meat Boy, Super Street Fighter IV and apparently some Battlefield and Deadliest Warrior of all things. Can I teach Dave how to not Flash Kick every 2 seconds? Can I defeat Super Meat Boy's dark worlds? Tune in to find out!  
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There can never be enough praise for Bayonetta. Game of the Generation, baybee!

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Alpha Protocol is the best game Obsidian put out this year. Awww yeaaaah.

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When I finally decided to cave in and buy the home versions of Pop'n Music (We still didn't have a machine in NorCal and my monthly visits to LA weren't enough) I think I spent over $400 bucks for the controller and all the PS2 versions of the game up until that point. But that was one big shipment. As for single items, I spent $130 on the Mushihime-sama Futari Limited Edition for Xbox 360, but that was largely because the LE came with one one of the DLC packs that would have been a pain in the ass to purchase off the Japanese Marketplace.
Edit: Also, I do want to say that I think importing new titles is a lot more affordable these days. If you want a Japanese PS3 or 360 game the week of release, you'll probably only pay $10 bucks over the retail price. I remember importing PSOne games for $100 bucks and it sucked.

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Something my girlfriend whipped up for Christmas :3
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For the record, I went to go take a nice picture like all the Wikipedia people, but then that failed so I went with the headshot from my cancelled late-90's sitcom about fighting game players, "My Two Mix-Ups." I was the snarky 2D player who ALWAYS had to get the first hit on the button checks. Oh my, it was CRAZY. I can't believe CBS wouldn't green light it.