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Congratulations by MGMT. Nothing else really comes close for me. It's such an unexpected follow up from a team of pop music masterminds. Who knew they'd top Oracular Spectacular with ... melodic, spooky beach rock? It's so good I bought it twice (Digital, then vinyl).
Other favorites of the year are "The Suburbs" by Arcade Fire, "How I Got Over" by The Roots, "Shut Up, Dude" by Das Racist and "Something for Everybody" by DEVO.
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Hey all. I'm going to run a quick stream of the demo to go over the two songs for my PS3 brothers who can't download it. I'll link to the archive once its done.

 (Edit: Ultimate fail! My laptop overheated during the stream so the video got all glitched up.. then Ustream didn't save it. Profound sadness.)

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Too bad the BABBAGE'S I pre-ordered it at in middle school went out of business. Duke owes me $10 bucks! DAY ONE BAYBEE!

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@GetEveryone:  Oh, for sure. See, when we're playing on consoles that's just casuals. But in the arcade, I'm actively stealing your money for the machine :D
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I'm pretty much on vacation until SSF4 Arcade comes out. All the places around here that have SF4 Arcade have swapped out the boards for Xbox's and hold freeplay sessions but it's not the same. I can get that experience at any given session with more setups. I want the real deal :(

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I'll shoot an invite to the dummy tag in a bit. The only people who I know play this are the Joystiq guys.
GT: Mr Jared
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Will buy "Bulletproof" by La Roux, even if I don't really play RB2 anymore. I'll surprise myself with its awesomeness later down the road.

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Had a blast at California Extreme today, but I do have a complaint: the number of rude players has really gone up compared to past years. When you reach the game over screen, regardless of whether its a video game or a pinball, taking a look around to see if anyone else is waiting in line is always the polite thing to do. I lost track of the number of times I totally had to "AHEM" someone out of my way after watching them attempt to credit spam something. 
This gets really bad with The Act. I know it's a hard game to figure out, but it's easier to just take a break and talk to someone whose good at it (WHASSUP) as opposed to just credit spamming the same sequence until someone finally complains =\

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Daigo isn't even the best player in Japan. He's yet to win a Japanese national. So when he gets to come here, for free and get preferential treatment every year and win, yeah, it gets a bit frustrating.
If you want to be a fanboy of some player, go for it. But when you've been at this for as long as I have, you get really, REALLY tired of Japan winning the main event every year.

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I haven't written anything up yet since Im still recovering from EVO, but I had a blast. I came real close to making top 32 (7-2) but I had some serious roadblocks in my pool coming up for my 10th match, so Im happy with how it turned out. Sad to see Daigo win another EVO though.