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If you're talking about Buk, he did commentary for us at NorCal Regionals last year, CVS2. He's actually pretty good at breaking down the game for the online viewers.

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@drakedangerz:  My CAX experiences have always been great. It's mostly older dudes anyway (average attendee is 30+) and there's usually a bunch of people who bring their whole families. It's a pretty casual atmosphere for the most part.
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I'm there every year so I'm in for sure. This year Im going to try and take my time and work on setting some scores for the weekend (Popeye is the first game that comes to mind), try and complete The Act (worth the admission alone) and really just take things slower than usual. I also want to spend some time with Marble Man (Marble Madness II) since I somehow missed out on it last year. 
I'll be at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Vegas next week so I probably wont' spend much time playing pinball, but Doctor Who will be at CAX this year which is a first, I think.

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Hey guys, thanks a lot for coming and checking out the stream. The archive of it is up, though I think UStream may be really slow at the moment.
I think I answered your question in the chat, but yeah, it's sort of hard to say. Raiden is an extremely polarizing series in the shooter community so you'll probably just have to try it and find out for yourself. If anything, just try out Progear and if you like that, chances are good you like Deathsmiles.

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For those of you who saw this pop up on the release lists or have seen your friends playing it (not too likely!) and were wondering just what the heck is this goth loli shooter whatsit all about, I'll be live streaming it for about an hour.

I'm going to grab a drink and begin very soon :)
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The only time I ever see people taunt is online, but unfortunately, that's to be expected by online players. At sessions or tournaments the only time you see them are either on accident or if someone is reaaaaaaally getting destroyed.

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I typically try and stick to NCSX since their prices are fair enough and they're located in the US, just in case something goes wrong with my order.
In the past, however, I've had no issues shopping from Play-Asia. They charge a lot for shipping but when you need something real niche (the first DJ Max Portable comes to mind), they're your best bet.

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It's impossible to say whether or not it'll have the impact or "deliver" when all we've seen are a couple of screenshots and hardly any information to go by. The original Nintendogs was huge and aside from a general lack of things to do at the end game, it was a fantastic pet management sim. It's really the only pet management sim I can think of in this day and age of social gaming that has a genuine piece of humanity to it.
I'm definitely looking forward to this, and I already have a dog and a cat ;)

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So it's my problem that I take issue with openly mocking the idea of transgendered people and expressing their desire to "beat the shit" out of a woman, celebrity or not.
Sorry, I wasn't aware that was all socially acceptable behavior. But you're right. It's the internet. It's completely harmless and totally cool.