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Posted by udabenshen

Great list sir.  By the way, I'm still playing through Dragon Age and I'm thinking it might be better than Knights of the Old Republic.  But really, who cares, both are great.  Can't wait to hear you on the Bombcast again soon.

Posted by snide

Alright. You've convinced me I need to give ODST a try this weekend. I've kind of avoided that game for no good reason.

Posted by MrJared
@snide: Haha! Do it! It's actually very short (between 4-6 hours at most) and I guarantee that Marty's soundtrack will make it worth your while.
Posted by erinfizz

Wow, DJ Max Techinka sounds awesome. It's too bad I won't find one anywhere near Ohio soon...

Posted by Jeffsekai

Street Fighter 4 ! :D