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Posted by Tizzzzzz

Love the list, Jared. I bought Bayonetta off Amazon earlier since they put it on sale for 10 dollars, and I'm stoked to see how it is; also really want to try out Alpha Protocol.

Posted by MrJared
@Tizzzzzz: Yesssss, please do. Alpha Protocol tends to surprise a lot of people and it can be found for super cheap. I got it new off eBay for $15.
Posted by NathHaw

Good list, Jared.  Bayonetta is my console game of the year.

Posted by shivermetimbers

You convinced me to try out Alpha Protocol. I never tried Bayonetta because I only owned a PS3 and my Xbox friends only play shooters and adventure games (though I did try Deadly Premonition and I agree with it being number 10). Is Bayonetta worth it for PS3? 

Posted by Hailinel

The only thing our lists have in common at all is Deadly Premonition at #10, but it's a hell of a choice for that spot.

Posted by MrJared
@shivermetimbers:  I'd say no, Bayonetta isn't worth it on PS3. It chugs like crazy at all times (we're talking sub-25 FPS on average) has really awful texture work.. it's just very clear that not a whole lot of effort was put into it. So little in fact that at one point, Platinum Games distancing themselves from the PS3 version, which is fair enough since Sega handled it themselves and no Platinum.
Posted by KamikazeCaterpillar

I must say that I kinda surprised that ME2 beat out SSFIV on your list.