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First of all, I haven't played some of the biggest (s)hits this year, so some titles will not be considered. You can type them down in the comments under one of the eight categories I'm going to sort them out.


Spec Ops: The Line

I was actually kinda amazed how good the story was. I very fond of “Heart of Darkness”, and I’m pretty sure I would rank the games story pretty high even if it was not so good. But goddamn. Whatever your interpretation of the events might be, the story is just a solid piece of work, and even sometimes mediocre content in between can’t make it feel any less good.

Runners up: The Walking Dead, Witcher 2



Predictable. Boring. Full of plot holes. I’m tired of ranting on this mediocre piece of shit in motion.

Runners up: Mass Effect 3, Far Cry 3


Far Cry 3

Forget the story. The action where it’s at. Technically you can get better than this, but not by much. Doing things in this game is pretty much flawless.

Runners up: Asura’s Wrath,


CS: GO (XBOX 360)

Holy shit, I don’t know how can you release a multiplayer oriented game without a functional multiplayer. GG, HB.

Runners up: The Walking Dead (saves\episodes issues) Dust (crate opening glitch)


Spec Ops: The Line

I was going to play this games as a standard military shooter with a fancy way of showing you the development of characters, what I got was so much more. No regrets.

Runners up: Asura’s Wrath, Dust



I guess it’s a matter of living up to the expectations. No part of this game did.

Runners up: Mass Effect 3, CS: GO


The Walking Dead

People said a lot bout this game, all I have to say is that it’s the closest thing to a perfect zombie game. Also, fuck Episode 3.

Runners up: , Dust


As said in the beginning, I haven’t played XCOM, Sleeping Dogs etc, so, from the games I’ve played, I picked the one, that gave me the biggest amount of fun, which is


There, I said it. Runners up are all the other games in “good” categories in no particular order. Please, feel free to recommend any of the 2012 big (or not so) XBOX360 titles. I will gladly check them out.

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It is a little bit overrated, yes. The story it tells is amazing, but there is lack of payment in the end. And before you jump to any retarted conclusions, I don't mean lack of a happy ending. I mean, doing a little report on what happened to the people I've met followed by a confusing and awfully short cutscene. I wanted to see if my choices mattered. Did the things I said and done actually helped Clem or doomed her. 

I don't mind the illusion of choice, it sometimes works great, sometimes not so much, the point is that through the whole game you are in this mindset that a binary choice is still a choice, while it's not. So much for a story that is tailored by the way you play it. The choices lay somewhere in the middle between "Whatever I do is the order of the day" and "Do whatever you feel is right, no one gives a fuck". Which is ok, I just don't like that it's pretending to be something more.

Technical issues aside, there is only one more thing I don't like. While the game is full of tough moral choices, it never goes overboard. It's always the safe zone, it shows imaginary and not-so imaginary social problems, but never actually comments on them. And it does not let you, the player comment on them.

If the technical issues get resolved I would gladly rate the game 4/5, because it's the closest thing to a perfect zombie game.

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Jeeez, shut the fuck up with the "changing the ending violates the industry integrity". Endings in movies are changed all the time, with Brazil, Jacobs Ladder and Blade Runner being prime examples. I don't mind if something is a result of a vision of one driven man, but something as bad, and clearly rushed for undisclosed reasons, when previously stated it wouldn't in any case be, well, that's just something I will not take. We were supposed to get an ending, not THE ENDING.

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@misclet: Except for his dyslexia. 'actuely'? c'mon.

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Turntable freaked out.
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Deus Ex doesn't use dice rolls. Also, you get enough skill points at the beginning of the game to upgrade the pistol to trained (or even expert), which will make shots 100% accurate while crouching. Also, headshots are one-shot-kills with the default pistol. And Liberty Island is what got me hooked on the game, the level is great, and has so many ways to deal with the situation. I agree that the shooting while in direct combat can be pretty frustrating, especially if there are more than two enemies involved, but the stealth shooting is one of the best things ever. 
Has anyone tried the game on realistic difficulty? It makes the game shine.

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Scarface: The Game. Repetetive, weird driving controls, a lot of stupid game design ideas. But it had something, a certain feel of nostalgia.

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@weegieanawrench:  Thank you kind sir!
Great, here are some questions, they might sound a little rough on the edges, but I was writing them on my own. If you could answer them, it would be awesome.

Do you believe that elections are important?
Do you trust your leaders and expect decency from them?
Do you think that those caught wrongdoing should resign from their function?
 Do you think that your government is doing enough to help the citizens?
Do you feel responsible for the actions of the person you elected?
Do you vote because it can make a difference or because any other reason?
Do you think that those elected feel the weight on their shoulders?
Do you find the proverb “vox populi, vox dei” to be true in your country? 
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Yes, that's great. Thank you.
I also found this
but I can't access it, and the registration is either restricted or I can't see any user agreement I should read before it will let me reg. Could you help me with this one?
Nevermind that, I contacted the PR office, and they told that this group is no longer active.
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If you gonna do a GT vs Forza run, sing me up @teamforza.