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John Woo presents Stranglehold 0

 John Woo presents Stranglehold is a weird game. It is supposed to be the spiritual successor of the infamous Hard Boiled, and in some strange way it manages to do that. The story is pretty simple, just like it was with movie, but it was never about the story in the movie, was it? It’s all about the action in this one, and if it wasn’t for some technical flaws and lack of ideas this game could have been the hit it should be. The biggest problems here are poor enemy AI and bad hit detection. The ...

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Just Cause 0

  Just Cause is yet another third person sand box game. This one takes place on a remote island somewhere in South America. The whole idea is a pretty neat one, you are Rico Rodriguez, you work for an government agency, and your job is taking dictators down by messing up the economics of their country. Sounds great, doesn’t it? The problem is that “destroying economy” is very simplified and ends up being destroying facilities and cargos in the main story missions, and wrecking havoc on the stre...

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Stuntman Ignition 0

 Stuntman series are an awesome idea - the idea of being in the middle of the action in the best movies ever made. The shame is the game fails hard when trying to deliver. First of all, the game physics engine is not that great - the driving, which is the key element if you want to feel the car, and by it be able to pull off the stunts, is very bad. The cars are not responsive enough, and during jumping stunts you can very easily be sent flying across the map or land on your roof because you hit...

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Juiced 2 on Xbox 360 - is it worth getting from the bargain bin? 0

 Since NFS started to go downhill with every new release I turned on to other racing games with similar theme - illegal racing at night, fueled by nitrous and hot girls. I remember playing Juiced on my PC, and beside some flaws it was pretty decent racer. I kind of disliked the music and the fact that the game seemed to have no high speed feeling compared to NFS. I was also kind of lost by the menus, betting and all those little things that made the game worse than it should be. The sequel, as i...

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