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I hate berries. All of them. Fuck every last berry.

Oddly enough I can still tolerate the juices and so on. Just not the raw, unhinged berrydom.

This. Plus these

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I'm morally against eating mushrooms. I just think they're conceptually a very disgusting food for humans to eat.

I don't like tomato slices in my sandwiches or burgers because I think it waters down the meat flavor.

I don't like coffee but sometimes I'll drink coffee mixed with cola as an energy boost. I can drink up to 2 litres of milk a day. I strongly believe that pretty much every meal has too much carbs and not enough meat.

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Papers Please

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Football Manager

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Detest the use of "meatheads" and "roidheads" just because they look like they go to the gym. Other than that it seems you did the right thing and were unlucky.

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@lun49gameon: Imagine what they would have done with Falcao in the team...

There's a decent argument to be made that they are actually a better team without him. James Rodriguez wouldn't have shone as everything has to go through Falcao, who doesn't work as hard as the rest. Still would have been good to see the team with him in it.

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Dead Island, first game I bought full price on steam after getting a decent PC and buying in sales. Hated it

EDIT: oh and FIFA Ultimate Team packs for real money then never played the game mode again

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A series of events have led me to have a hotel booked for two full weeks in Vegas. Since the hotels are so cheap I think we'll be using it as more of a base of operations and travelling the coast a bit. This thread is not giving me hope.

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what would a day on the foums be without a random double-digit post doomsayer? :)

Yep your opinion is worth more than his because you've hit 'post reply' more times on a forum than him

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We need a ruling on what should be spoiler tagged; I can't be the only one avoiding all tags since most people aren't labeling book or show beforehand. I really don't think show spoilers should be marked off at all, as this is a discussion thread for the show and you'd have to be a crazy person to open it without watching the latest episode, but whatever. Anyway...

On the whole, I think this was a stronger season than the last. I had the Red Wedding spoiled, so that may have something to do with it, but even without that, those who died before this season felt a bit more vulnerable than those who were offed this time through. I maintain that massive, supposed-to-be-thousands-of-men-fighting battles are the weakest part of this show, but even that was mitigated by giants and fucking wall sweeping death anchors (or whatever the fuck that awesome bladed chain thing was). The one on one combat felt better in every respect; tighter choreography, better framing, and staggeringly brutal, and that long panning shot during the Castle Black fight wouldn't look out of place in a big budget movie.

Outside of the action, the character development continues to be a highlight. Sure, sometimes things are mishandled (that weird Jamie rape scene that was sorta swept under the rug) or a bit heavy handed (Sansa may be a master manipulator now, but I'm not sure she needed to look like Jafar to get that point across) but overall I'm still pleased and interested in the majority of the cast, even if Dany playing problem whack-a-mole feels a bit...well, let's just hope they do something else with her next season before we get back into that Red Wastes feeling again.

People have already been told to keep the book spoilers out of the thread, which was ignored. There is no need to mention them at all, this is a thread about the show. Make a thread about the books if you want to talk about that. I agree no show spoilers should be tagged though. Ideally there should be no spoiler blocks at all in the thread.

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Liverpool and Liverpool