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Ron is a prophet. And Greg Rice IS too tall.

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I paid the mysterious man with a guitar. He offered me advice if I paid him. He told me fools spend while wise men save. Fuckin guy eh.

Cool. So the game itself offers philosophical affirmation regarding my reason for not buying it yet. Guilt lifted.

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So bummed. I procrastinated too long and the price went back up to full. Guess I won't be getting it yet.

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Can I play it with a 6 button arcade stick? Or does it require the greater number of buttons/analog inputs that a controller has? If the first is true, I'm going to buy it right now.

EDIT: After asking on the Steam forums, it seems there are too many inputs required for a basic 6-button stick thanks to the d-pad being your items. However an 8-button stick might work once they implement the ability to rebind controller buttons, which is supposed to come in the first patch.

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No matter how much I agree with their politics, I find it impossible to call myself a "liberal" when their talking heads try their best to make citizens of southern states look like toothless inbreds. People are NOT homogenous, even if they reside within the same political boundaries (ie state) that some true scum fucks also inhabit. Fuck a generalizing bigot, regardless of his political affiliation. I'm talking to you Dave Lang,

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Cool. Does that mean PC ports of games that used the rumbling triggers in the console version (drawing a blank on any examples at the moment) will work as originally intended? Also does the headset support the higher sample rate that the controller is capable of? Or is this just an official re-jiggering hackjob of the existing 360 drivers?

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Well, crap. This is the first exclusive title that has me leaning toward one of the new consoles over the other. Wish it was coming to PC.

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The one where the jerkwad gives all the virgins AIDS.

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There is probably an option in your motherboard BIOS that allows you to disable the onboard sound chip. You may have disabled it at some point because you knew you would be using an external solution and forgot about it. It happened to me last year when I got a receiver and uninstalled my X-Fi card and I needed a second set of speakers to let me hear my PC while the receiver was switched to one of my consoles.