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There is probably an option in your motherboard BIOS that allows you to disable the onboard sound chip. You may have disabled it at some point because you knew you would be using an external solution and forgot about it. It happened to me last year when I got a receiver and uninstalled my X-Fi card and I needed a second set of speakers to let me hear my PC while the receiver was switched to one of my consoles.

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Does militant atheism count? Just kidding. But I do what I can to make sure my immediate family gets their dose of science as regularly as I can, regardless of how much they think of it as "guessing."

Agnostic atheist here. 30, male, Texas panhandle, not enough college to claim a major. I think I was maybe 10 or younger when I realized Christianity was a sham. Hell, I believed in Santa Claus longer than I believed in that other stuff. He actually left evidence. I was the target of a lot of grief from everybody else as I was growing up because I thought the koolaid tasted a little funny. That type of reaction just pushed me further away.

My extended family ranges from reborn to Methodist to Baptist to Jevoha's Witness to bible thumpin, snake handling, tongue speaking Pentacostals. I mostly only talk to them around Xmas, if at all.

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Wow. Is it weird that I have less faith in the final product now?

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Well, I'm sure anybody with a credit on a Bioshock game won't have too incredibly much trouble getting a new position in the industry, or coverage if they start new indie studio. Steve Gaynor rode that wave for a good while.

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@bisonhero: You're right. La-Mulana really makes use of its archaeology basis and requires more than just dexterity and patience. I feel like people who describe Rogue Legacy using the term "metroidvania" are being disingenuous. It's just a randomized platformer set in a castle with "permadeath" (though not really) and leveling up certain skills or abilities that do nothing to actually gate your progress. La-Mulana is all about puzzle and ability/equipment gating.

Disclaimer: I have not beaten La-Mulana, but I have beaten Rogue Legacy.

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I like it a lot more than Rogue Legacy. It's far closer to a real Metroidvania game. I just wish it had a built in CRT filter. The one in SweetFX just doesn't fit it correctly.

I frankly don't get the Rogue Legacy love.

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Michiru Yamane did some great work on Castlevania SOTN, even though that's not technically a JRPG. Aside from her I'd have to go with king lord savior Nobuo Uematsu, since they're the only ones I can name. As far as I'm concerned, he's the biggest reason Squaresoft was able to make the SNES my favorite console. Sure, a lot of the stories were good, but I wouldn't have seen them through if the atmosphere didn't hold up. He made sure that happened.

edit: Oh, how could I forget? Keiichi Suzuki's and Hirokazu Tanaka's compositions made Earthbound a hell of a game as well. I don't know if they also did the basic sound design of that game, but it has the best sound effects of the SNES.

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GTA4 is the perfect game to inject SMAA into with SweetFX. It looks far better than the game's native post-process edge blurring. Just make sure to grab one of the shader mods that reduce the DOF blurs so you can keep the other blur effects with definition set to off while keeping the game sharp enough for the SMAA injector to detect edges.

But yes, it's a pretty terrible port that runs poorly on most hardware even to this day.

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Anybody know of any New Year's concerts being streamed live? I'm staying in tonight and wasting time on my computer like any other night.

My favorite New Year's Eve's have been going out to see live music. With the large rise in popularity of streaming in the past couple years, I figured there would be a few good live concert streams. However I seem to be coming up a little dry on that front.

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The driving physics in GTA5 were a massive step back from GTA4.