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This is the second news story today in which Alex has used the phrase "not too terribly." I notice this because every time he writes it, I assume it means he must be, in this case, terribly invested in Commander Shepard's story, just not too terribly.

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Run msconfig and take a look at what's in your startup and services tabs. There may be plenty of junk in there that's slowing your machine down. If you're not sure what a program is or why it's on either of those lists, google it before disabling. There shouldn't be any meaningful wear and tear from a hardware perspective--your processor or memory shouldn't be any slower--but certainly even non-virus non-spyware stuff will get on your computer that can slow you down.

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I am still playing (level 21, maybe 25-30 hours played).

I don't get the same whiff of desperation off of this email. A little cheesy, maybe, but basically it's just saying hey, remember this is still out there for you, and you can see more of the story that you might be interested in.

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@CL60: Okay, you've convinced me. Just as soon as the client finishes downloading, which at this rate will be sometime around March.

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Too bad there's a cap on members...I'm about to buy this game today, I think, but I suppose I don't really need to be in a guild until I hit level 10. Or perhaps I'll roll with GLHB. Either way, looking forward to playing with some duders soon.

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Uncharted 3 has definitely been my favorite 3D gaming experience. Batman was disappointing, I think that game is too dark to really take advantage of the effect.

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Any chance this will be available in the Amazon Android Marketplace? I'd like to get this for my Kindle Fire, and am too dumb to mess with figuring out how to get sideloading working.

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To be fair, how could id have known that many of their customers would be using ATI or nVidia cards. What are they, 3% of the market??

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Thanks so much for these--I've really enjoyed what I've heard of the Hotspot stuff so far., 6 hours or so in.  The Hotspot was the first podcast I ever listened to, in late 2006 (I stumbled upon the concept of videogame podcasts when I was looking for info on the Wii launch), so it's fun taking a look back at the beginning and reliving the early days of when I jumped in.
I'm not sure if I'll pick up the Carolla stuff--I've listened to a ton of his podcast, and enjoyed it, but I've kind of burned out on him, especially because of the way he repeats the same rants over and over and over.  At this point, I could tell you each of the 17 different things he yells about the Mayor of LA every single time the man is mentioned, or detail all of his thoughts on the receptionist at E! who wouldn't let him in to be a guest on the Soup, or explain why he really shouldn't have had to get a building permit when he was doing some work on his house.  Then again, maybe a highlight reel style review of his show would reduce that problem.  I'll probably check it out at some point.
I'd love to see a best of GFW Radio, the Sports Anomaly, or maybe even SModcast, if you're venturing beyond videogame podcasts.

Thanks again for your work!  If you ever set up a donation page or something, I'd be glad to chip in a few bucks.

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crap! 2018.  that's what i get for celebrating the holiday with my family.