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I don't even know what to say. I will miss your stuff though.
I will just say....Good Luck, Have Batman.

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From the little i knew about this game, i will not say i am shocked or really all that sad to see it go. The characters had good designs and the map was very nice looking and colourful. However, the gameplay itself was nothing new.

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Great article!
In games i always check if mirrors work myself. A lot of the time i am disappointed, but sometimes i hit the jackpot.
But yeah back on topic. I would vastly prefer this if it was optional over it being mandatory to move the game along. The curiosity would probably make most players do it anyway, and leave the scene with a different feeling then " oh thats sappy / tacky".

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@naru_joe93: there are probably no games that would use it well right now. But i bet indie developers would love to make games focused on the touchpad. So i am waiting too see what happens from smaller developers when or if the PC thing happens.

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@hosstile17: What about it makes it bad in your opinion?

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@bigjeffrey: That is good news with the wired solution part. I really do prefer when the controller is wired rather than wireless.

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@roarimadinosaur: It would be really interesting to see what kind of game mechanics people would do if they made the touch pad useable on the pc with the PS4 controller.

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@egg: i have no idea. I suppose i should have added that as a question in the first post

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@probablytuna: Thats also a thing i could have brought up i guess. Maybe the PS 4 controller will be the new big thing for PCs.

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Do you guys think it will be the definitive gaming controller like the 360 ended up being? With that i mean that a lot of games were made with the 360 controller in mind, even a bunch of PC only games have controller support, but when you check the options they just assume you have a 360 controller when explaining the button layout.

Will the XBONE controller take over and be the controller you want for the PC as well as the console itself? If yes what happens to the 360 controller support. If no, why would they not do it this way. It seems like an obvious thing to do.

Personally i think it will become the new controller in a way, but not for a while.