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$20.8 million

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=( Patrick was my second favorite part of GB his content was uniquely his own and certainly moer interesting than what most of the other stuff was. It always seemed like he was trying to push the boundries rightly and that was fantastic for the site. Hopefully they let him book the guest for E3 and stuff.

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@acura_max: o yea this is expansion is really flattening everything in terms of choice 1,2, and 5 range drops it's great.

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OK it's been a good couple of days so there've been even more cards released, I'm sure I'm forgetting a couple

Okie Dokie, I think Fell Cannon is my favorite class specific card with whirling zap o matic a close second. Trollg is at least a novel card, if not immediatly viable. CogHammer is interesting but having weapons isn't where the Paladin is weak.

Gah'zrilla looks hella fun if you are able to activate it just once (I assume it goes 6-12-24-48) but you need it to live a tunr or two and that is a card with a target on its back.

Druid gets a 2M 2/3 or 3/2 killer bear I think that alone means its a must play for all decks. FEAR THE BEAR.

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I just would like the Hearthstone packs and the Card Back stuff

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No real reason too make a thread for these but here are a pair of Hearthstone Panels from the Con

Ben Brode does a nice job talking about the use of RNG in the game of Hearthstone. Personally I like some of these RNG cards since it'll force players to strive for board control where the RNG is in their favor (most likely). Also there's a nice text recap of it here.

Trump and Hafu do a couple of mock Arena drafts and disscuss their reasoning behind the card picks. It's similar to Trumps iDraft series

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That's it, I've got to make a gimmicky ass Mech deck now so that I may summon VOLTRON

Overall excited at some fo the possibiliities presented by these cards. Hopefully the RNG factor will force players to instead of complain about RNG, actually fight to control the board that the odds are in their favor (and pray to RNGesus of course).

Are those 1 mana nuetral "spell" looking cards the Spare Parts card I've seen referenced? or are those legit neutral spells

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Man I wisehd escape from tomorrow was actually good. The idea of secretly filming at D Land is incredibly novel and than it just wasn't capitalized on and heck I like surrealist films but just something was off

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but how will I achieve MAXCPM so easily now!?!?!?!?!?

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I bought KOTOR and it actually friggin works out of the digital box didn't have to screw with any sorta ini settings from a text file or anything. Whooooo