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@thomasonfa: it isn't shaming when using public comments - he put that story out there for the world to see himself already

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700 gold is a totally reasonable price for in game currency, About a weeks worth of dalies + a couple extra games for me. Might just pay 20 bucks for it all though.

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Man you go to 2 mid day classes and the whole world goes CRAZY.

There should be an overall agreement that the people making rape/death threats against anyone really is just wrong.

I don't know anothing about the process the guys went through and enjoyed the GB content with Dan and this Jason guy likes A:TLA and Korra so he seems cool. Am I little bummed it isn't someone more obviously diverse, yeah a bit but I also don't have the full picture so I'm not going to get all up an arms and claim to know shit.

Hopefully their talk of a freelance budget or whatever can o what Patrick dose and use this as a platform for more opionins. Casue that's really what I care about is a interesting disscussion from multiple perspectives which can be informed by the fact that omeone may or may not be a white male. I just want a conversation.

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Favorite card Chillwood Yeti 4/5 stats make it normally last a turn and trade if there isn't removal like Frostbolt involved.

Leastfavorite probably either Sacrifical Pact or Ice Lance, the latter is useful in freeze mage but both cards are very circumstantial.

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@sir_gunblade: OK might not be able to play much today but will definatly hash at a time to play.

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@donmfjohnson in the words of Goldberg "You're Next" I've got finals Mon-Wed in the afternoons so if we could play Thursday or Friday that'd be fantastic. Or sometime at night Pacific Time Zone.

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@ilikepopcans: Works for me weird never got a notification for this