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All Phoenix Wright titles (almost like watching a favorite movie again), Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, and from the looks of it, Skyrim is going to be my newest addition.

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Hahahahahha. Thanks lmao.

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always found the music in phoenix wright to spark off this sense of nostalgia and every time I hear this song in particular, "Turnabout Sisters" i always get some butterflies............but then theres a part of me that wants it to be more epic and more emotional, and thats what i did here.


turnabout sister - MrMC remix

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Would appreciate it greatly :) Many game/geek references in every track, just gotta listen for em.
 New songs every week or so, but I take requests from any song and remix them, and i'll do that until I drop my album :)
Anyways, sorry for the interruption, lets go play some games.

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omg. LOL. you sir are hilarious.

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this thread turned into everything i could have ever wanted it to be! dope! time to listen to some songs! this is gold!

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OH MY GOD YES!!!!!!!!

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@Laketown said:

just plain nasty? I don't think referencing games is all that nasty really

Let me give you an example. I've been a fan of this rapper named "XV" for a little while, and then I saw him come out with a song titled "Final Fantasy XV", saying he was the future as in talking how final fantasy 15 has yet to come out yet. Stuff like that is just pretty damn sick. Seeing dudes who you would never thought were gamers drop game references that really only people who knew about games would catch.
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Everyone feel free to add me! Daily player, on the American Server. Username "itsthaMista" Let's LoL!!!

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MrMC here, musician extraordinaire, I love games as well as many of you. I have been signed up since this site FIRST started, but I never really went on the forums so I look new to many of you! Anyways, let's play some damn games!