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@emgeejay: As terrible as that looks... I can't stop watching.

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I'm so upset right now. I don't even know what to say.

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@Driadon said:

I ended up buying this, it's a runner and should have been called Shaq of the North Star. It's pretty damn good for a runner, but it's still a runner.

So worth the 99 cents. So very worth the 99 cents.

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Really sucks to hear. I love the BioWare bros.

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And not a single fuck was given on this day.

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So what about the current games? Are they losing the always on DRM too? Does this mean I can finally buy the Assassin's Creed pack on Steam?!

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Haha Nickelback and Linken Park CDs? That's awesome.

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@InfiniteSpark said:

Feeling most comfortable with Chie and Elizabeth at the moment.

Yeah I'm with you on this. I want to get better with Labrys and Mitsuru.

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Hey guys, I checked the thread at the top already and have added a few guys on XBL, but I figured I might as well call out to some of the other readers on here.

I'm looking to do some casual practice player matches with a couple people who wont ragequit or send me messages on XBL calling me a variety of names.

My gamertag is Henry Hatsworth. I'm mostly trying to learn Chie and Elizabeth.

Add me and we'll get to it right away! My win/loss rating is really depressing haha.

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System: 360

Gamertag: Henry Hatsworth

Skill Level: Beginner - Intermediate. I've played other fighting games but I am getting ROCKED at this.