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@Alex said:

Still, that's three big titles that have slipped out 2012's back door.


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You guys forgot the best one.

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I have read a fair bit in my time and a fair portion of that has been sci-fi. Most of the recommendations here are good; Dune especially, that book changed the way I look at things. I would like to add though if your a Hornblower fan or just really like some easily digestible Military Sci-Fi read some Lost Fleet stuff. It's not the deepest but it has some nice large scale naval action that's fairly imaginative and well done.

Oh and don't read any Orson Scott Card if your over 18. I know it seems amazing at a young age but his stuff is fairly sloppy and nonsensical, even his best book Ender's Game falls in this category.

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So much anger, on the Internet no less!

Guys humor is subjective no one is going to win this argument. Comedy stuff of any kind is hard to judge legitimately in any way because you can simply deter any argument be it bad writing, plot holes, lack of style or whatever by saying 'well I found it funny therefore, it is funny'

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@Artikay: Netflix has it on dvd

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Half-Life 2 please!

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This song is just so exciting to me, there are other much better pieces of music out there for games; scores and pieces of music that capture emotions of the moment so well. But this track right here was just plain fun that I could shoot bandits to.

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sure I'll play

GT: The MrMo

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@gkhan Man oh man, linguists are awesome! Thanks for classing up the place and teaching this Neanderthal here more about the language he frequently abuses.

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@Meowshi: It's great that the tonys awarded him good for him for impressing and in my opinion he is the least offensive of the singers. Even still I just don't like his singing voice or that of anyone else in the movie.