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Never left. Really looking forward to more content.

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I really love the SAO anime so this game was a no brainer for me. Its fun with a complex combat system and some relationship stuff that is way to grindy for me. Oh and yeah, the translation...

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PSN: TheMrMuscle

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I think this will be my first Double dip. I love D3 on the PC but im interested in seeing how it plays on the PS4 as well.

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Man, just release SAO: Hollow Fragment in EU and USA already!

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Sent a request under the name MrMuscle.

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I think Bungie Groups and Destiny Clans are two different things? I guess we dont really know how the clan system works in Destiny quite yet. What ive heard i got from Angry Joes Destiny Interview and it sound at least like its going to be a good system

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I think communication in game is what i miss the most. Yeah i can voice chat with my fire team, but thats about it. Im hoping to be part of an active clan (preferably a GB clan) and it seems that our only option will be to create voice chats via PSN. That might get a little messy if there is no in game clan system either(which i havent seen yet).

In a game where communication is key, its kinda weird how they seem to have neglected it. BUT it was an alpha, so it can be that they just havent implemented it yet. Fingers crossed.

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There is some interesting info in this article about level cap and thoughts about it:

The social intent of the game cannot be overstated. Indeed, levelling up each character to max takes only a few hours – Bungie doesn't want you to start the game then realise you have weeks of grind to put in before you can play against friends on a higher level. "You level cap quickly, but once you're there the game is more about equipping the gear that lets you go deeper into the game," says Green. "There are more strikes, there are raids, there are higher levels of PvP if you equip better weapons and armour.

"Equipping better abilities in Focus is a longer-tail process that takes some time. I think the game actually develops very naturally towards the level cap: players earn experience as they complete activities and kill things, and once they reach the point at which that stops, they've already moved on to the gear collection game, which is about doing activities and looking at what's available to them in the tower. It's similar to Diablo in that its about moving on to horizontal growth – trying new abilities, new builds, new weapons."

Also they talk a little about the lock in feature that some of you noticed on the skill tree:

As they rank up, players unlock new skills and better weapons, equipping the stuff they like the best as they go – a bit like a standard RPG skill tree. So can you just hot-swap constantly between different force paths and skills? "A lot of your choices are free swaps - you can experiment and try different things," says Green. "But there comes a point where you can say, 'okay, I'm really happy with these decisions so I'm going to lock them in' – and that gives you benefits: your stats may increase, you may become more powerful or level up a lot faster, or you can reconfigure in a different way.

"We're trying to strike a balance between having no commitments and locking in people in a way that makes them not want to play anymore. With the Focus, for example, you'll see there are a lot of choices and you can switch those around and find something else that you may like more. You may be in a PvsP match and see a warlock using a different grenade than you and pairing that with a different passive ability, perhaps applying damage-over-time effects or health regeneration, and you may say, 'that looks really great I want to try that'.