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I finished Act V and hit 70 on my Crusader this weekend. I really enjoyed it and Im loving the crusader. Started doing some Adventure mode and got some bounties and rifts done. It was ok, but its really not my preferred way of playing. I never was into the whole loot run deal. So i think ill end up doing the same thing i have ever done, and that is to play through the campaign again and again. But time will tell.

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I played my Crusader up til Cain and went to bed. I had fun with the abilities and I´m looking forward to keep leveling him.

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@mrmuscle: I believe both EU and NA servers are in Canada, so it shouldn't matter.

Thanks bro. I went ahead and transferred. Fortune favors the bold i guess. See you in game, my char name is Batair Blade.

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This is awesome. I think I'm gonna pay for a transfer soon and was just wondering if any of the EU people could comment on the lag if there is any. It would suck to transfer my character and find out that its unplayable with the lag.

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Why didnt i notice this before i started! Oh well, im on EU a server but if i stick with the game i might transfer to Ultros. Right now im just playing by myself and doing the quests. But im sure it would be nice to have someone to play with when i start doing dungeons and such.

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Haha and just a few days after i bought it directly from Square, oh well :D

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Thanks guys!

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Where do you guys get your information while playing? Like what Onis are weak to etc? I have been using google and sometimes I find what I need but sometimes not. Is there a info dump somewhere?

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I pre-ordered it via PSN so ill get it on friday when it comes out here in Norway.

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@happenstance: its still there, try a manual search. The pre-order is up as well.