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way it it only us and uk,  way not swe :P
im not buying more to get it but if i can get free stuff, nice

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i can tell day one dlc don't stop piracy. some of it is possible to buy and  if it is multiplay i don't play it so mach any way. 
can be a good game but dlc for me.... no nott buy anything for it, disk is good for me

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so when do this shit come to Europa ? intresting to try it but probe but bay it :P

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im a bit iritated over m$ and the way they act. bay the dlc and a time later it is on ps3 and now for free. it is no good part to get dlc first compeer to get it for free. 
good for ps3 owners, it is a good game

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or you just wait for a hourer and you have more then you need :D 
 in the end i had more then 16 000 000 so no problem to be good, to bad all are drunk :P
good game but laging