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Oh yeah, and A) on the Metal Gear series. The games are boring as FUCK, with way, way, way too many long, drawn out cutscenes, and story that moves at the pace of a snail.

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@LordXavierBritish: Oh also, you're a dumbass. School shootings date back to the 1600's, way before video games were even invented.

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I might've said Duke Nukem Forever, if "The Doctor Who Cloned Me" DLC hadn't made the gameplay and humor better, and updated the character of Duke to be a likable character.

I would say A) To Call Of Duty, because I always hated the franchise and the unoriginal, lazy writing.

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@zombie2011: Didn't they say multiple times that making references and calling it a joke wasn't good?

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The Master-baiting Chief.....seriously Alex? That attempt at humor was more pathetic than than "Epic Movie" and "Jack and Jill" combined.

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Oh WAIT! I forgot about Big Rigs!

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Dragon Age 2-Barely and RPG, barely a hack 'n slash, full on piece of dogshit.

Mass Effect 3-Hit detection was horrible, controls were awful, four conflicting actions mapped to one button, plot holes the size of Kansas, some character models looked like shit up close, terrible character and facial animations, really, really repetitive enemies, horrible ending, just shit...fuck you Jeff

Final Fantasy 13-The only character I liked was Lightening because she punched Snow in the face

MW2-Terrible single player, terrible, unbalanced, takes no skill multiplayer

MW3-See MW2

Sonic Free Riders-Oh GOD no!

Fable 3-One of the most boring, tedious games I've ever played

Final Fantasy 13 Part 2-Fuck you Squenix

Mindjack-Once again, fuck you Squenix

Minecraft-The game sold half finished for 30 dollars. No pathfinding for the enemy AI, hardly any rewards besides diamond, which I found in about three hours, nothing to do except build, which again, is tedious and boring to gather the materials in survival mode, and worst of all, no crafting or enchanting or brewing instructions in-game whatsoever.

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The game I played last was Wolfenstine 3D (after I played Rage and threw it out the window).....I'm apparently going to learn why they call him B.J. Blazkowicz.

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Well judging from the dumbing down.... oh I'm sorry, "streamlining" of the RPG elements from the first game to the second game, it looks like they might be trying to dumb it down a little more to appeal to a wider audience, at the price know...making the game shit.

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Wait, when'd they give you a recipe for cake in Portal? I never saw it.