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@weegieanawrench: I think just as a part of a normal cinematic, but for say, cutting off the head of a dragon. 
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This is probably THE single cleverest use of one of those little sport camera rigs I have ever seen. Some dudes at I guess a sword competion ducttaped a camera to the end of a longsword, and the results are awesome, if a bit nauseating. Something about the perspective... my stomach does not like.  

  I am usually a stickler to the 'no u-tube spam' clause, but I was just tickled with this and wanted to share.  
Lets make it topical.... Um, would this camera angle work in a game, as a cinematic, of you watching the sword slice through dudes and beasties, with blood and gore spraying everywhere? I think so. And then I would vomit. 
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@aButton said:

" I'm a Giant Bomb user and all I want to do is jack off to videos of Vinny or Dave or whatever talking for hours on end and don't want anything else. Please end my loneliness and make me feel justified in my absurd existence! Thanks in advance, Giant Bomb! "

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Fuck. I bought like 5 games this year, including downloadables. 

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And so 2010's 2009 GOTY is........... 

Borderlands: GiantBomb's The Official 2010's 2009 Game Of The year
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I bought Walking dead digital version for like 4 bucks. 

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@Sharpless said:
" @Mrnitropb said:
" Who the fuck is zodiac mother fucker, and why is he here? "
I feel like this could, and should, only be answered by a direct reply from ZODIAC himself. "
Is he a user on the site? No?
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@Chadster said:
" So, if Ryan can get ZODIAC MOTHERFUCKER to do a Top 10 list, surely he can get Ice T to do one too? Right? Oh please, let me be right. "
That I can get behind. 
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Who the fuck is zodiac mother fucker, and why is he here?