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"L'audace, l'audace, toujours l'audace." 0

So lets be frank: taking your uber-successful franchise, removing its almost-as-famous-as-Mario main character, making it prequel, and finally setting it an story that millions of people already know ends in tragedy and loss? That takes some balls. But, unlike the franchise's last two experiments, ODST and Wars, this is an balls-to-the-walls, edge of your seat, visceral success.   So what's to like? Well, if you have actually enjoyed the single-player campaign experience of the previous games, y...

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Grrrrrrr...... 0

If I ever meet the Gearbox Employee who designed Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot, I am going to break their knee.  This really should have Unlocked something useful, like a refund. I might have to use my Certificate of +1 Baddassness, but it will be worth it to inflict an equal level of pain back at them.  I really just have a hard time conceptualizing why they felt the need to take a game whose core value is "Always be Leveling", and the constant anticipation of finding a new version of one of the...

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More Puzzle goodness, less of other stuff. 0

You know what Puzzle Quest 2 has? Puzzles: lots and lots of puzzles. If you like/love match-3-gems style gameplay, then this is right up your alley. The main combat puzzles are still loads of fun, as are most of the additional mini-game puzzles. The unlocking puzzles can be frustrating as you try and line up specific gems, to specific points on the board, with limited turns. Stick to bashing open every lock and door; especially if you want the Achievement.  if you came to this sequel expecting t...

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