No luck getting my Black OPs II from Gamemine

Earlier in October I preordered the game Call of Duty Black Ops II with credit I received from trade in of my old games I no longer used to Gamemine. This last Tuesday the game was released but the game was not sent to me by Gamemine. I tried calling Gamemine at 561-939-8052 but only get a voicemail box which I have left messages, but they do not respond. I have tried to leave a message on their website about the problem but that system does not seem to work as well as their email So they have the games I traded to them and are not sending the game I preordered.

I tried them as a alternative to Gamefly and if you don't live next to one of their distribution centers you could wait a long time for a game. Took about a week or so to get a game for me. Not sure what I was thinking trading some games to them if I wasn't happy with their rental business... But since they had some higher than normal trade prices for some games I thought I would give it a try and get the new COD. Not sure if anyone has any experiences with Gamemine or might even know what might be going on with them?

Anyway, I left a complaint with the BBB for whatever that will do about the undelivered game and will hope for the best. Really if this is the first and only time I'm getting screwed over on a deal over the internet I should count myself lucky. But still would like to get some resolution.

But I am a little bummed that I don't get the preorder Nuketown and the exp this weekend...


Fallout New Vegas and glitch with Vats

I'm just about ready to take this game back, I think I saw that this game had a update and since then when I try to use Vats the game freezes and I have to restart the Xbox. Anyone else experiencing this? The game was freezing on me before but this seems new.


Need to lay off the Steam purchases

Over this Christmas my wife's checking credit card # was stolen and while we only had one purchase made of $300 on it before it was caught it still sucked being the holidays and all. So this morning when I got a call from my credit card company to verify some possible fraudulent purchases I started to freak even before the call. Relieved to find out that my Steam purchases are what triggered the alert. I've bought stuff before but this last sale I purchased more than usual I guess. Don't get me wrong since my experience this Christmas I would like them to be more proactive.  Wonder if anyone else has had this happen.    


Metro 2033

Finally was able to rent and beat last night this game. Really enjoyed it, makes me want to go back and play my copy of Stalker on steam.


$5 Game Sale at Hollywood Video

I have to say I really love the Cheap Ass Gamer website and over the past year I have picked up some really great sales that I never would have picked up on in the past. The latest has to be the best at Hollywood Video where all used game s29.99 and under were $5! The clerk even asked me about how I knew about it so fast since they just got the info on it and I hope I got another reader for CAG. Anyway, I Hit the two nearest stores and got pretty lucky I think. All for the 360 I got...

Mercenaries 2, Devil May Cry 4, Supreme Commander, Dark Messiah, Command and Conquer  3, Farcry 2,  Beowulf, Golden Axe Beast Rider, Fable II, Need for Speed Carbon,Hour of Victory & Fear Files.

Maybe not some of the AAA titles but still this is gonna keep me gaming for awhile. Ohhh when my wife saw the stack she nearly freaked but but after she heard $5 a game no big deal.

Kinda wished I had a PS3 because they had a lot of the titles I probably would pick up used if I got the system.


Eat Lead

You know I went into this game with low expectations and didn’t think it was all that bad. The story is cheesy with Matt Hazard being a washed up video game hero making fun of the very video game he is in. I think the game was long enough that this didn’t get too annoying. I think one of the funnier lines was when your character tells you he is going to finish things up and get the so and so achievement.

About the achievements,  you can’t beat getting 60 achievement points for just watching the credits. You don’t even have to beat the game to watch the credits either… The game was pretty generous with the achievement points and I think I got 700 or so without really trying to get any of them.

But a couple of things did annoy me during the game, first the aiming was just off. A lot of times I swear I was aiming at the enemy and crosshairs were red but still it didn’t seem like I was registering a hit. Second, I died a lot and didn’t seem to have a full sense of how close my character was to dying. One time I might just take shot after shot and still live and the other I would peak around the corner and bang. Dead… Frustrating but I kept playing.

Definitely a rent and as for buying it would have to be in a pretty cheap bargain bin.


Resident Evil 5 not what I expected

I was really looking forward to this game and playing some more co-op with one of my friends. I enjoyed Resident Evil 1 and 2 back in the day and thought this would be a good one to jump back into the series.

I think playing this co-op is how you would get the most fun out of it. From what I have heard the ai of the Sheeva is a little off and you have to baby sit her a little to much. Anyway, I think we played it about a hour before my friend gave up in frustration. He was used to shooters like Halo, Gears and Call of Duty and right off the bat he was complaining the controls was screwed and before the first boss he gave up and said he couldn’t play it any longer.

When I played the demo I knew the controls were a bit different and I just thought when the full game comes out and my friend is playing that things would get better and we would get used to it. We just kept getting mobbed by zombies and I could see my friend  looking up at the sun with his character taking wild swipes with the knife. Couldn’t even get past the first boss with the axe. Sadly I took the game back to the video store and swapped it out for something else.

Maybe sometime in the future I will pick it up for cheap and play it thru by myself.


Loved MadWorld!

I don’t own a Wii but this is the first game I have played that has made me want to purchase that system. I rented this from the local video store and shared playing it with one of my friends who has a Wii. Finally got him to pop that Wii Sports game out of the machine since he bought it.  He was pretty surprised after the mature rated game really got going.

First off I love the music and look of the game, black and white with the blood contrasting in red really made me think of Frank Miller and the Sin City books. Second, the raunchy commentary between the announcers John Di Maggio the voice of Futurama’s Bender and Who’s Line is it Anyway’s Greg Proops was very funny. Can’t tell you how many times we just burst out laughing from what was said or trying to make sure that is really what they said.

Finally, I just have to say the game is fun. Not for the kiddies mind you with all the swearing and crazy violence but I think I could really play that game a couple times over trying to get better scores and beat the boss’s more quickly. This game could have easily become a boring beat em up but with slightly different enemies, weapons and killing method I kept playing and playing.

Also the bloodbath challenges were some of the most interesting and funniest parts of the game. Black Baron the narrator before each challenge is just wrong but if your interested you can check out you tube for yourself.

Definitely a rent and I think even a buy for some. Anyway made me rethink getting a Wii now,  hmmmm.


Hollywood Video and their powerplay plan

Hollywood Video
I was in pretty good spirits after work today looking forward to the weekend and playing some Resident Evil 5 co-op later with a friend when the above pamphlet was handed to me while I was checking out…

I currently have a game plan at my local Hollywood Video and have never been disappointed with the one out at a time program similar to Netflix and movies or Blockbusters game plan. The best thing about it was that this particular store doesn’t get hit like the other video stores and Blockbuster and I could always get a new game the day it came out. It has been a great deal for the past year.

But today the lady at the register tells me I need to switch to this powerplay plan and says the power play plan closest to the $19.99 videogame plan I currently have is the Diamond $39.99 plan…. This is looking like quite the rip off and I guess it is time to move on and try some other service.  Tried calling the Hollywood Video customer service line listed on the pamphlet but sat on hold for awhile with no luck.

Later I checked the Hollywood Video website and I don’t get the feeling that I have to make a switch and can keep my old plan. So maybe there is some hope that if I do nothing I can just hold on to the old plan.

Been playing Halo Wars

My impressions so far on Halo Wars is mixed. On the one hand I love Halo and they could sucker me in on just about anything with that name on it and I will give it a try. I have played thru about 6 of the missions so far and my favorite parts are the cut scenes which add to the earlier Halo story.

As for the bad I think I have confirmed to myself I just really don’t like RTS very much. Oh I get a kick out of seeing the UNSC units, especially the Spartans, running around beating on tanks and warthogs running over troops.  But even with the slimmed down RTS experience I just don’t have my attention held like other games and often will play a couple missions and then put it down.  Then later on I seem to always find a excuse not to pick it up again, heck I had more fun finishing 50 Cent Blood in the Sand!

I can’t see myself purchasing this, even renting it was kinda meh. I thought it was funny the other day I eavesdropped on a conversation between a Gamestop employee and a customer where the employee was making sure that the customer knew that this was not a first person shooter and a RTS. Wonder if they had any disappointed kids come back to complain?

I hope this isn’t a trend of whoring out the Halo series after the Bungie days, yeah I’ll pick up ODST but after that I wonder… What next Halo Cart Racing? Just hope it keeps my attention till Resident Evil 5 at least.