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Earlier in October I preordered the game Call of Duty Black Ops II with credit I received from trade in of my old games I no longer used to Gamemine. This last Tuesday the game was released but the game was not sent to me by Gamemine. I tried calling Gamemine at 561-939-8052 but only get a voicemail box which I have left messages, but they do not respond. I have tried to leave a message on their website about the problem but that system does not seem to work as well as their email So they have the games I traded to them and are not sending the game I preordered.

I tried them as a alternative to Gamefly and if you don't live next to one of their distribution centers you could wait a long time for a game. Took about a week or so to get a game for me. Not sure what I was thinking trading some games to them if I wasn't happy with their rental business... But since they had some higher than normal trade prices for some games I thought I would give it a try and get the new COD. Not sure if anyone has any experiences with Gamemine or might even know what might be going on with them?

Anyway, I left a complaint with the BBB for whatever that will do about the undelivered game and will hope for the best. Really if this is the first and only time I'm getting screwed over on a deal over the internet I should count myself lucky. But still would like to get some resolution.

But I am a little bummed that I don't get the preorder Nuketown and the exp this weekend...

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Yep, stuck here myself...

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Yeah I kept shooting the damn barrels, didn't even occur to me to go up to them and hit x.
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Good, maybe I will pick the game back up and play it again.
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Already returned my copy, gonna wait till the Game of the Year Edition comes out.  Don't have to worry about bugs hopefully at that point.
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Never did fix the  VATS problem, had to go back a couple saves before I got one without  a vats problem. I took the game back, maybe I will pick it back up after the patch the broken stuff.

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I'm just about ready to take this game back, I think I saw that this game had a update and since then when I try to use Vats the game freezes and I have to restart the Xbox. Anyone else experiencing this? The game was freezing on me before but this seems new.

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It seems like everyone is out to get a extra $5 or $10 bucks out of the consumer these days, that is fine as long as I keep feeling that I am getting my money's worth. If someone does a little shopping I'm sure they can get a deal on a year on Xbox live, don't think I've paid full price for one since I got my xbox. So I guess for me it really is going up to $50 and not $60. Last Fm, Twitter and Facebook are nice additions but not really worth Xbox trying to get a extra $10 out of us. What would be nice is if for us gold members we got a discount on games or even some sort of program where the more games,dlc or video you buy gets you some sort of break on Xbox live like a free month or something here and there with a certain level of purchases... Anyway, if you want someone to really hate, hate Sony for not getting out there and competing and making PSN a decent alternative. Then Microsoft couldn't raise prices like this.    

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Bought three games over three separate days. Maybe that was the trigger for it?

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Over this Christmas my wife's checking credit card # was stolen and while we only had one purchase made of $300 on it before it was caught it still sucked being the holidays and all. So this morning when I got a call from my credit card company to verify some possible fraudulent purchases I started to freak even before the call. Relieved to find out that my Steam purchases are what triggered the alert. I've bought stuff before but this last sale I purchased more than usual I guess. Don't get me wrong since my experience this Christmas I would like them to be more proactive.  Wonder if anyone else has had this happen.