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Not the best in the series 0

I am a fan of western games and liked the first two Call of Juarez but why did they go and change the time period and slap Call of Juarez on it? This game reminds me more of a Kane and Lynch game than the previous two games. Some things that bother me is everything seems hazy and sometimes that makes it hard to pick out guys shooting you.Can't stand a death out of nowhere cause you couldn't see some guy ducking out of some corner. Also the game has had some weird glitches for me where I would ha...

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Not even the best rental 0

I just rented this game and a hour or two into it and already I am considering taking it back. At first the graphics looked good and smack-talking mask was interesting but I started to tire of the constant talking after a bit. Being told to kill, kill, kill and f everything up got hard to listen to after awhile. This is pretty much based on the God of War play style and the button mashing of x got boring quick. Also some of the special moves that you do on dazed enemies can't even be pulled off ...

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Maybe worth a rental 0

Main reason I picked this up is so many told me the game was so bad you had to try it. If you would like to hear  Mickey Rourke swearing up a storm and play a bad shooter then this is your game. At least the game is very short and you can easily beat it in a short rental from a video store. The game is pretty broken in spots and I almost quit after throwing a grenade and watching it just twirl in the air before me.  Stood there as it killed me thinking wow, that is a goofy bug! Best payoff in th...

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Not quite what I expected in the end, a Spider-Hulk vampire game. 0

I was looking forward to this game and finally a copy for rent showed up in my local video store so I gave it a try. At first I really liked the game, the gore and endless killing was fun at first. Taking down a tank and helicopter with punches and kicks or later just taking it over for your own use was really cool. Also I got into the whole consuming people to take their memories and fill in the parts to Alex's story. As for replay valued I found the side missions interesting enough to keep try...

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Love playing Battlefield 1943! 0

This has to be one of the arcade games I have looked forward to most since the Xbox came out. Could be I was influenced by all the hours of fun I had with 1942 when it came out back in the day and how many of my non-gamer friends that would get excited about going to the local lan gaming spot for a BF night. Was a little worried the first day nothing worked but I finally was able to get on a server tonight and played 2 hours straight and had to tear myself away from it or I would have played i...

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So So Shooter 0

You know I went into this game with low expectations and didn’t think it was all that bad. The story is cheesy with Matt Hazard being a washed up video game hero making fun of the very video game he is in. I think the game was long enough that this didn’t get too annoying. I think one of the funnier lines was when your character tells you he is going to finish things up and get the so and so achievement.About the achievements,  you can’t beat getting 60 achievement points for just watching the c...

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Controls just did it for me... 0

I was really looking forward to this game and playing some more co-op with one of my friends. I enjoyed Resident Evil 1 and 2 back in the day and thought this would be a good one to jump back into the series. I think playing this co-op is how you would get the most fun out of it. From what I have heard the ai of the Sheeva is a little off and you have to baby sit her a little to much. Anyway, I think we played it about a hour before my friend gave up in frustration. He was used to shooters like ...

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Jack… Jack… He’s a psycho-maniac! 0

I don’t own a Wii but this is the first game I have played that has made me want to purchase that system. I rented this from the local video store and shared playing it with one of my friends who has a Wii. Finally got him to pop that Wii Sports game out of the machine since he bought it.  He was pretty surprised after the mature rated game really got going. First off I love the music and look of the game, black and white with the blood contrasting in red really made me think of Frank Miller and...

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Yeah Halo is in the title. 0

My impressions so far on Halo Wars is mixed. On the one hand I love Halo and they could sucker me in on just about anything with that name on it and I will give it a try. I have played thru about 6 of the missions so far and my favorite parts are the cut scenes which add to the earlier Halo story. As for the bad I think I have confirmed to myself I just really don’t like RTS very much. Oh I get a kick out of seeing the UNSC units, especially the Spartans, running around beating on tanks and wart...

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50 Cent Blood of the Sand not too bad 0

My latest rental and probably one of the shortest games recently is 50 Cent Blood in the sand. Total of 9 chapters, 7 taking up about a hour each and a couple vehicle levels which blow by pretty quick. (I read somewhere he was shot 9 times and that is why there are 9 chapters, really?) Anyway, I always heard that the original one Bulletproof was one of the worst games out there but most reviews I saw said this sequel was a fairly fun game.I have to agree this was a fun game and it looked pretty ...

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Good sandbox game if you haven't tried it! 0

My latest rental is The Godfather, was the only sandbox game that I haven’t played and for some reason at my local video store it was always rented. I have to say after playing it a bit I really enjoyed it and understand why it has been out so much. It plays just like a older GTA game and you play as someone making his way up the family ladder to finally become the don. What I enjoyed the most was the extorting of local business’s and slapping around the shop owners trying to figure out what wor...

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Good shooter to keep you busy in Feb. 0

Just finished F.E.A.R. 2 and enjoyed it, not the best shooter out there but enough to keep my attention all the way to the end. The whole horror angle didn’t really work, it wasn’t really scary.  Only once did I get surprised by Alma, turned around once in the game expecting a soldier and it was Alma. That was a perfectly placed event, but for the most part the bodies flying around, furniture getting moved and ghostly people were just interesting to look at. I think the best game so far I played...

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Not even a rent... 0

I didn’t really have much expectations for Onechanbara Bikini Samurai Squad other that wanting to see one of those weird Japanese import games focused on cute chicks fighting. In the intro cutscene seeing the two sisters getting ready to fight zombies made be laugh out loud. Heh, the character Aya got caught in the shower during this current zombie apocalypse and had to quickly don her cowboy hat, feather boa, swords and sport thong!The game controls were pretty bad, graphics reminded me of a Pl...

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The Last Remnant, meh 0

First off the game doesn't look very good after playing my most recent JRPG Lost Odyssey. The texture pop in is really obvious on any scene and distracting. Also during battles there is so many characters that sometimes a active unit disappears and is invisible while taking his turn, also slowdown of the action happens in every turn. This is a Square Enix game?What really might do the game in for me is the tiny lettering that you have to read for all the dialogue and battles. There is some point...

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Call of Duty: Quantum of Solace 0

 Since it came from Treyarch it was very similar to playing a call of duty game which the last couple COD 4 and COD WaW have been some of my favorites. Didn't take me too long to beat only about 8-10 hours at the most. It was great they were able to use the likeness of Daniel Craig to add that extra bit of likeness to the movie but near the end it started to distract me. His dead, expressionless face seemed so odd during some of the quick time events and even during a knife fight there would be ...

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Rent before you buy 0

For me it was fun for the first couple of hours, the cell animation looked really cool and Samuel Jackson as the storyteller was kinda interesting. But after a couple of hours it just was fighting the same guys over and over with nothing too different to shake things up. But what really frustrated me was the camera in the game. I was forever fighting with it to look in the right direction and face my attackers. Also the perspective can get real funny and for about 5-10 minutes I got stuck hoveri...

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Pass, wouldn't even rent 0

I loved the Lord of the Rings books and later the movies that came out but never got around to playing a Lord of the Rings video game until Lord of the Rings Conquest. I really wasn't impressed by the game and was pretty bored with it quickly. I think I played thru half of it and stopped at the evil retelling of the story. It just was a lot of running around and mashing on buttons and once and awhile getting to play as one of the hero's from Lord of the rings. Even that was underwhelming and pla...

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Maybe expectations were too high? 0

I loved the first Gears of War and was looking forward to Gears of War 2 and was planning on really diving in and checking out the multiplayer. First off this should have been 4 person co-op campaign, Halo 3 set the bar and Gears 2 should have followed their lead.  I also purchased the game new for the code for the maps you will never see for purchase later on, only to find that multiplayer is totally screwed. So far of the games I have gotten into either most of my team or the other sides team ...

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Get Ready 0

I say get ready to spend a lot of time with this game, I finished all the side quests and main missions in about 70 hours and I loved every minute of it. I love a game that keeps me coming back where I just want to play every spare 30 minutes just to visit one new place or get a little further searching some building for a new weapon or bobblehead. Can't say enough about this game other than $60 well spent. Can't wait for the dlc to come out, hope Bethesda doesn't keep us waiting too long....

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