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@cabbagesensei I'll reply here since the podcast page has been locked. But yes, they have. No one has said it in those exact words, but the constant crying about a lack of non-white dudes is always happening. The constant bemoaning of white people being a part of a site is just getting old. Just let the guys who started and who run this website do whatever they want. I highly doubt that diversity in terms of skin color or genitals is something that any of them think least I hope they don't. Because that stuff shouldn't matter. All anyone should focus on is the person's personality and what they can offer. And just being a different color or different sex does not equal true diversity.

@mrnood1e said:

The idea that the mere presence of any person who isn't a white male at GB will somehow automatically make the site better is one of the most disgusting ideas that seems to have unfortunately invaded and poisoned the the gaming industry. Just because someone isn't white or doesn't have a penis, that doesn't mean they have something better or more interesting to say.

I'm not that familiar with Dan or Jason, but if Jeff and the other guys thought they were the best fit, then I'm sure they made the right decision. Sorry they're white and have a penis. GB must be a bunch of sexist racists, right?

I'll keep refuting these as they come, but NO ONE said that.

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Easton, Pennsylvania, USA

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I don't believe the game will let me cut the hand soon enough to save her. Goddamn.

You can chop her arm off, but it just shows her horrified face at what just happened, then it cuts to the credits.

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@video_game_king said:

@brenderous said:

Judge not lest ye be judged, and all that.

The part most people forget is that Jesus made good on that promise.

People use that quote incorrectly all the time. I know that isn't what this post is exactly about, but Jesus had no issues with calling a sin, a sin.

Regardless of the Bible, telling someone not to judge is hypocritical, because telling someone not to judge is, in and of itself, a judgement. Any time you start a sentence with “you shouldn’t,” whatever comes next will constitute a judgement of some kind. Saying, “you shouldn’t judge,” is like saying, “there are no absolutes.”

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Like wemibelec90 said, just start playing and do what feels comfortable. Also, you don't have to use 'enter' to pick up items. The default is mouse 1 or 2, I don't remember which. But the default controls are actually not that bad. Some of the F keys might need to be reassigned though. I think I changed the flashlight to 'F' but you really won't be using it that often anyway, so it won't matter much. I would suggest just sticking with the defaults and change as you go. But it handles pretty much similar to a first-person game of today.

Oh, and as far as the quick save/load, I just bind it to the + and - on the numpad. It's quick and easy access with your mouse hand.

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Late 80s/early 90s PC games are what got me. Technically the first game I ever played was on an NES, but I didn't get hooked until I started playing some PC games.

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@sarnecki said:

I wish Jeff would of said that important thing he wanted to and everyone else didn't tell him Ryan wouldn't of wanted him to.

From the sound of things it probably would have been too much. It was one big casual celebration of his life, and obviously lots of guys were losing it at the end.

Yeah, I think the reason why he held off was because he felt like he couldn't go through with it without breaking.

You guys are honestly right. It just didn't feel right that. I feel like they didn't close the book on all of this.

But that's just it, they're all still mourning. It's only been a week now. It'll be a while as they said before things can continue so I understand.

It just would of comforted me a hell of a lot and made me cry like a bitch to hear Jeff say something more significant. I've followed those two for a decade and this is crazy. It still doesn't seem real to me tot he point where it still hasn't hit me as heavy as it should be doing.

In time I think Jeff will, but right now joking about is how he's able to deal with it publicly. He seemed closer to Ryan than anyone else. It's got to be incredibly difficult to lose someone that close, but also have to deal with it publicly. I'm sure this won't be the last of the Ryan memories. We just need to give them more time, and with that will come Jeff opening up a little more. And if he never does, that's okay too.

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I'd love a shirt with the design that Olly Moss made for Ryan. Don't know what else to put on it though. Whatever it is though, I'll buy it.

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I would love the Olly Moss design that he made for Ryan or a reissue of the "China Don't Care" shirt. Regardless of what it is though, I'll buy it.

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I've been watching videos all day, and every time I start one I forget that he's gone. But once it finishes reality sets in and I'm holding back the tears.

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