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Caught this thread. Just started playing again and curious about the raids and the 3v3 PvP thing they added. I'm at 29 now.

If anyone is still playing hit me up. I'm usually don't use a mic though if that is mandatory for raids.

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@dagretsaidan said:

a lot of women in the GG camp are also a bit annoyed by the presumption by Anti-GG'ers that there are no women in the GG group, and the mainsplaining they get insisting they've internalized misogyny and patriarchy

I lost count of how many times i've seen "internalized sexism" thrown at women these months by men who don't even make the effort to inform themselves about the people who accuse of it to even know if it is true or not

Part of what I've seen anger gamergate people the most is the hypocritical nature of many of the prominent anti-GG figures. I can't speak for gamergate since I've only watched from a distance, but I've seen too much of what you are saying that it makes my head hurt. How can the same people who want equality act in this way? It's baffling to be honest and it's upsetting to see many moderate and level headed people get either put down or verbally attacked for having differing opinions. It's not like their opinions are misguided or even offensive, they are a target simple because they use a hashtag.

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Sent a request for NA West, also pmed fattony

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@mbdoeden said:
@diz said:

I got asked:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Country
  • Aware of Subscription
  • Type of Subscription
  • How often site visited

and that was it! Survey over.

Is the survey broken? It seems others got asked questions about content, but don't you want feedback from subscribers too?

As someone who used to work with surveys on a daily basis, you and I (I got the same questions) were simply screened out of certain portions of the survey. Don't take it personally. :P

Its hard not to when others are able to submit their opinion directly, yet others can not.

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What was the point of that?

edit: I should clarify that I only got asked if I was a subscriber or not.

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Can't help but be disappointed in the news. The SF based content has already started to get thin and now an official split between NY and SF just seems to reinforce that notion in my mind. Please prove me wrong Jeff, I've been a subscriber since the start and I really hope that these moves work out. They have to as GB has become a pretty large part of my life at this point from an entertainment perspective.

I barely watch any non-SF content. Like other people have posted, it's just not my thing and I don't find Alex or Patrick entertaining when on camera. This is a lot of change at once with new hires and Vinny moving. There really needs to be some more transparency in how news like this is conveyed. This came as a huge surprise and sort of went against what I thought the direction GB was taking. At least one of the new hires in the SF office will not be adding, only replacing. And I don't think its possible to replace Vinny, he'll still be here technically, but the interactions he has with Brad and Jeff are why I come to GB. I don't come for Vinny, I come for how he and the rest of the SF crew interacts with each other.

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I have barely used Origin in the past so hopefully some other duders got into the PC beta (a bitch at the moment). I need some Origin friends and I bet a lot of other GB users also could use some, especially with Titanfall coming out soon.


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Local-multiplayer only for a multiplayer focused game = no sale everytime for me. The fact that this has online, granted I have no idea if it works, but the steam page says it has it, instantly makes it a better value than Towerfall or Samurai Gunn to me. I can't play those games as intended. This I could at least play, making it by default a better value. I find it upsetting that in an era where nearly every game of this sort is released on digital-only marketplaces you can't count on multiplayer focused games to have online play.

But on the other hand, if the online doesn't work in Nidhogg I'm instantly putting in in the Towerfall and Samurai Gunn category of games I will never buy.

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Sorry to bump an old thread, but does anyone know if any of these videos ar archived anywhere? All of these seem to be gone off of youtube and I can only find two posted on Vimeo. Would be sad if these were lost.

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OK, going through this thread I've put together what's been posted. I always listen to the podcasts first, then the rest of the GOTY content so until I know exactly what to skip I don't want to start listening to them.

Day 1or 2: Bubsy 3d, Brothers (A level or two)

Avoid Post #30 in this thead if you don't want the best new character winner spoiled.

The Swapper (The final moments of the game & the story behind the character you play as.) Patrick.

Zeno Clash Spoilers?


  • Nothing too spoilery today. They briefly and in a very vague way mentioned the ending of The Last of Us, but I haven't played the game and I have no idea what they were alluding to.
  • The best new character discussion spoils stuff. The best story discussion talks about the ending, but keeps it somewhat vague.

Day 2

00:04:00ish Bioshock INfinite

00:22:00ish Gone Home

00:27:00-00:29:00 Swapper

00:33:00 The Last of Us

00:35:00-00:40:00 Bioshock Infinite

01:20:00 Dead Space 3 ending

01:51:45-01:52:05 Tomb Raider

01:53:00-01:54:00 Minor TLOU spoiler

01:55:30-01:55:40 Bioshock Infinite spoiler?

01:56:25-01:56:35 AC4

02:00:00-02:20:00 SR4

02:11:00-02:11:30 Some Stanley Parable spoilers



Best Moment: 00:29:50 to 01:15:50 If you want to listen to this section and pick through it

Day 5:

Best Horror, also given the name of Patrick Klepek's Biggest Scare of 2013 by Jeff <3:16-17:07>

Outlast <5:12-6:29> [slight spoilers at 6:18-6:24]

Amnesia A Machine For Pigs <6:29-7:38> [slight spoilers at 7:01-7:25]

Dread Halls <7:38-8:40>

??? <10:03-10:58> (Patrick forgot the name of this one, I think it's Kraken Sea Horror)

Slender The Arrival <12:11-12:24>

Year Walk <12:25-13:20> [mildly spoiler-ish]

Alone In The Rift <13:22-14:25> [spoilers]

Dread Halls <15:57-16:36> [mildly spoiler-ish]

Worst Game <51:21-1:09:34>

Giant Bomb’s Best Game of The Year <1:09:57-3:06:00>

The Stanley Parable <1:52:00-1:54:37> [mild spoilers, kinda sorta?]

Grand Theft Auto V <1:59:07-1:59:14> [small mission spoiler? fairly throwaway]

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds <2:50:56-2:53:30> [some talk about design choices, not really spoilers...]

The Last of Us <2:56:19-3:03:17> [fairly mild, though skip if you really don't want to know anything

Some of the day 1 stuff listed might be from later days, but hard to follow since the day wasn't mentioned explicitly.

There are probably more spoilers so if anyone has it would be appreciated if you posted them. I feel I'm ok on day 1 at least though.

edit: Encountered a few at the end of day 2. Tomb Raider Spoiler, Bioshock, TLOU, AC4, SR4. All probably minor, but people might want to know.