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Man, one thing that bugged the hell out of me were that guys' heads were so freaking small compared to their bodies. I really hope that that gets fixed.

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@bargainben: I know you were talking about the Mythal temple, I just finished that last night, the walking puzzle thing. Didn't really have a problem other than delayed detection that I was stepping on stuff, but only like a half sec delay.

Sorry, I meant what platform are you playing on? I'm playing on PC.

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the elven ritual is infuriating because the detection on the walking stones is so fucking poor. Like there's no way QA could overlook something this obviously messed up.

I just did that last night, the detection is sometimes a little delayed, but I didn't have any problems with that area. What are you playing on?

I had some pretty bad framerate issues during cutscenes nowhere else. I fixed that by putting the game in windowed fullscreen mode. Another problem I had was with the game just crashing in the beginning, again fixed by putting the game in windowed fullscreen.

The biggest problem I've had so far, is some characters not spawning in Skyhold or during Haven. An example would be Cole not being on the top floor of the tavern, Iron Bull not appearing in his spot in the, Varric nowhere to be seen near the fireplace, etc.. Only way for me to "fix" that is to quick save and then quick load until they appear.

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@belegorm: There may be one more Protoss unit in the design according to the balance designer David Kim.

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Damn, where did they say all this? That's a ton of changes. I like that they're looking at changing worker saturation and stuff to encourage expanding; that could be really cool. Are they doing a stage show where they talk about all this stuff? I think I'll need to see these new units in action to really understand them.

Before Blizzcon started the commentators and players and others who are there to participate in WCS got to play around with the current build of LotV. There's an observer who was tweeting all this stuff out several hours ago.

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@fredchuckdave: Other than seeing tanks in Terran vs Terran and as part of the Terran mech composition vs Zerg, tank are rarely ever used. So making tanks more mobile is a plus since they 1. under-utilized 2. very immobile due to other units like the widow mines more viable in the mobile compositions like the bio composition.

Can almost think of the siege microability now kind of similar to reaver drops in SC:BW.

So many changes to the multiplayer to make it even more aggressive and discouraging the use of "deathball" armies.

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Is Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition still available? If so, can I have it? Thank you guys so much for doing this.

I'll have to look at my humble bundle page, because I have some keys I haven't used quite yet.

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@mb said:

@tyrrael: While I appreciate your point of view, I think saying "most people aren't going to notice a huge difference when playing" is a little presumptuous...especially in this community.

I completely agree with him. Sure, 60 fps is better and it's probably a big part of twitch games like CoD or street fighter but devs make sure those games run at 60 fps on consoles anyway. A solid 30 fps in all other type of games is all I need, especially if they dropped 60 in favor of a better open world, better AI or really impressive visuals.

For me I agree with the notion that for the majority of the gaming community don't notice 30 vs 60 fps and don't see it as a major issue. What matters is if the frame rate is stable, because it really bothers me when the FPS dips. All I want is the consistent stable FPS. And I use to play WoW on a really old laptop at 20 fps, which for me was fine as long as it stayed at 20 fps.

As for the OP, I would suggest the PS4 as well. It sounds like that he wants stability and consistent performance which is what the consoles are there for. Consoles are good because developers can optimize them for the machine. It's a little rocky for the games now, but developers will get used to it as more and more games get made for them. Yeah, PCs can go above and beyond, but as others have said sometimes games are just not made to run that well on PCs because of the lack of optimization due to an infinite number of configurations. I don't think you can go wrong with getting either a PS4 or PC, but for you OP, PS4 might be your best choice for now.

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@stimpack said:

Living up to the name! Where the hell was it? Has anyone heard any information? I assume the beta is still going on in Japan this Summer, but I haven't heard any real details.

Also Dragon Age looks like Dragon's Dogma.

Probably at TGS. Capcom doesn't seem to be showing much at E3.

You mean Dragon's Dogma looks like Dragon Age. One precedes the other, but I know what you're getting at :D

No, what that person said makes sense. The new Dragon Age is coming after Dragons Dogma. So they are saying how it seems like the new DA has taken some influence from DD.

I knew what he meant, hence why I said I know what he's getting at.