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we're going to load up a qos monitor on the video player so we have data metrics to go back to akamai with. sorry for how long this has been going on.

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looks like we should be good now! thanks for your patience!

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Hey all

We will be undergoing maintenance on our master db which will result in a read only site and possible loss of posting data during this time. This will go on for the next hour. I will update when the maintenance ends.


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sorry guys, continuing to look into it, it's been a bit hard to diagnose as our stage and dev boxes don't show the issues.

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BTW, the top men will be a team... I'll be offering a bounty on every first blood on @jslack or @laika!

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resizing always changes resolutions to a specific resolution that we expect on the site, that has always been the case.

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@def: hmmm, i'll take a look. We recently converted png to jpg to help w/ bandwidth for end users and maybe something didn't take.