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An Unusual but Fun Tower Defense Adventure 0

Crystal Defenders is something a little unexpected. It's a Tower Defense title set in the Final Fantasy Universe, specifically Ivalice, the setting for Final Fantasy XII and the Final Fantasy Tactics series of games.  The title itself is split into three separate "games." These are W1, W2, and W3.  W1 is your typical Tower Defense affair, set up towers, which in this case are one of six classes from Tactics A2 on the DS. W2 is slightly more advanced, introducing Power Crystals as well as new cla...

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Quite a blast! (Literally!) 0

Simply put, 'Splosion Man is a fun little adventure for your 360 and is worth more than the 800 Microsoft Points you're going to pay for it.  'Splosion  Man is a simple game. You're a psychotic exploding science experiment gone wrong attempting to escape from a laboratory.     The gameplay itself is simple. Instead of jumping, you explode. You can explode in the air up to three times, so to get to higher places you must 'splode your way off walls, off enemies or use a variety of explosive barrel...

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