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@broomhitches: I actually have been trying to incorporate sit-ups and other workouts to work my core. Not easy at all. After losing so much weight, i'm actually weaker than when I was big. I lost a lot of muscle mass and fat leverage. So now that I'm trying to build muscle again, it's a lot tougher. I'll get used to it soon though, I'm sure.

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@slag: Of course my doctor is the first to ask. This was more of a general discussion of healthy living and seeing what works for some and may work for you.

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So this may come as a shocker, but I used to weigh roughly 310-315 pounds, but in the last year to 15 months I have dropped 90 pounds roughly from purely driving myself to do it. (I'm probably going to write a blog post on this, as it's kind of a more interesting story than just that.) I walk and run a lot and keep my daily calorie intake to a very slim margin. However, while I've gotten myself down to roughly 220 pounds I can't seem to drop much more weight at the moment. I fluctuate around 5 pounds up and down and even though I push and push, my body has found a form of standstill in my weight. I've begun lifting weights right now, since I lost all my weight from cardio workouts and I am left with a body full of flab and excess skin and getting rid of that is not easy in the least. I've been informed that it will go away, but it will take time. Does anyone have any ideas why I lost so much so quick, but can't seem to drop many more pounds now?

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@mb: I've never even heard of this. So yes, I will look into it. The only issue is that in the areas my family lives, T-Mobile gets no service at all.

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So I'm looking to buy an iPad Mini with Retina this holiday season. I've decided on the iPad Mini, and I think that the 16 gig version is fine for me. I play a lot of games on tablets, but I generally play them one at a time, so I am fine with saving the hundred extra dollars for upping it to 32 gigs of storage and just erasing and downloading games. However, I am trying to decide whether I should get an LTE version or not. I had a 3G iPad 2 for a while, however, I NEVER used the cellular even once. I never even really had a reason to. In my current case though, I am moving to a University in the summer to finish my bachelors degree for two years. In between semesters, I will be living with my mother and grandparents for two or three weeks at a time and these are areas without internet. I currently own an iPhone 5 and was looking at the tethering feature for it. Is the signal strength better if I have cellular services built straight into the device, or is it just as good if it is tethered to a device? Should I consider getting the LTE version on the safe side (trying to keep costs down) or would I be fine during these stays at family members for the next couple of years, just tethering when I want to get online? Thank for your thoughts.

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What do you think will happen with the WiiU in 2014? Do you think it'll pick up some more steam, or do you think it will continue down this abysmal path. Do you think that Nintendo will leave the console business and if so, when do you think we'll see that happen?

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Does anyone know how to make the top and bottom of the screen on Android Kit Kat transparent with the black bars gone on the Nexus 7? Much like you see in all of the pictures of the Nexus 5. I downloaded Kit Kat to my Nexus 7 and it's not like so. However, I see many pictures of Nexus 7 (2013) that are like the Nexus 5.

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So I just keep playing until I goes dead in the middle of a game. That's pretty annoying to know.

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Maybe it is entirely alluding me, but can someone point me to where I can see the battery indicator on my Xbox One controller and tell if it's low or high or what have you? I can't seem to find it on the interface or so on.

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@blu3v3nom07: I'm still very tech savvy and I enjoy the talk of specific topics... but I too wonder why I still care, there isn't really anything wrong with it and they do a good job... I just can't seem to care anymore. The spark is gone or something.