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Wanted to trade it in in April, but didn't.

That I regret.

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Idle Thumbs is great.

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Hey everyone! If you haven't heard already there is a sort of contest to create a video about your favorite Xbox 360 or Xbox One game and possibly win an Xbox One and some launch games. I decided to give it a shot. I know I don't have a lot of experience making videos and this looks not great, but I'm hoping my idea of talking about video games from a blind middle school teacher's perspective might win the day... we'll see..

Maybe you could help me out? If you would watch this video:

On the actual youtube site and perhaps like and give positive comments, that might sway things in my direction? If you are planning on entering this contest, perhaps you could post your links here, too and I we could go and like your vids as well. It's all about the community here at Giant Bomb, after all.

Tbaks for your help and support, everyone!

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@zeforgotten: Fair points, but I'm just saying, they could take away something you DO care about.

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So many people are focused on hw great Sony's message is right now, and rightfully so. My only concern is remembering what the PS3 was at launch compared to what it is today. Sony has been known to take away things they promised in the past.

Remember how the PS3 was backwards compatable? Remember how you could install Linux on it? Remember how they had a terrible online outage a coupe years ago?

I'm not saying that Microsoft is doing better. I'm just saying that Sony could still impose these restrictions later.

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The trick to having fun in a role playing game is being a good story teller. The person who is running the game should have a fairly good idea of where the story should, or could go. Think of it as an old school text adventure game. The runner of the game acts as the computer, setting the scene. The difference is that you don't present preset options for what the players can do. Instead, the players use their imaginations and the abilities of their characters to tackle the situations presented. If there is a challenge or struggle involved with an action, dice are used to resolve to what level the player is successful.

It is basically a back and forth relationship in which the Game Master (runner) develops a situation and the the players make decisions on how to resolve it.

As for specific mechanics of the Star Trek RPG. I have no idea. I have not played that one, but if you have read the core rule book, you should have a good understanding of the mechanics. Remember that the rules are there to make it a game, a challenge. You DO NOT have to roll for everything. People can move about and investigate many things without a roll, but if there is some detail that might be missed and the character isn't intellegent or hasn't invested in investigation type skills, then they should get less information? See?

One last thing. I think it's best if you plan anywhere from 2.5 - 5 hours for a session, have snacks, drinks, and realize that not every minute will be dedicated to the game.

Good luck with your future adventures in roll playing!

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Hey everyone, I just came in here to let you know why I have been gone the last few weeks. My 7 month old was in the hospital with an unidentfied disease that dehydrated him because he couldn't eat or drink and was constantly throwing up or filling his diaper with whatever did make it's way in to his stomach.

he is doing much better now after they filled him with antibiotics and fluids.

I want there to be a race night to come back to. Everybody stay cool.

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the CPU you have won't really overclock well anyway. You need a processor ending in K like @Jrinswand:has. that k means that the multiplyer is unlocked and it is intended for enthusiast level tinkering.

As for overclocking your ram or GPU, it is usually not worth it anyway, so don't bother.

To be fair, i am not a master at this stuff either, and my opinions are only informed by some research I have done because I was planning on building a new PC.

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Breaking down the season pass for Horizon vs. Forza 4:

Forza 4Forza Horizon
Cars = 63 (10 per pack x 7 packs, one free car given to everyone per pack)Cars = 35 (6 per pack x 7 packs - free car)
Expansion = N/AExpansion = Ralley Expansion (1600 MSP)
Price = 2400 MSP ($30)Price = 4000 MSP ($50)
Price per car = 38 MSP per car (just under $0.50)Price per car = 68 MSP ($0.85)

To clarify a couple things. I am subtracting the value of the expansion from the price of the season pass for Horizon, then dividing the remaining amount by the number of cars. I believe that the expansion will actually come with some cars, but we don't know how many.

This doesn't make any sense to me because I am fairly certain they are using the physics and models directly from Forza 4 for these cars in Horizon. Cars I have already purchased once in Forza 4. It just seems like a raw deal to the customers on every level.

That said, I will be watching for this stuff to hit the sale lists and probably pick some of it up there.

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It has Civilization Revolution. What other game do you need?